The game of Fate is adapted from a game played by those in the House of 
Prophets before the fall of the Celestine Empire. In the traditional game, 
five cards are dealt from a Tarot deck, and opponents take turns placing them 
upon a 3x3 grid marked before them. The progression of cards and winner were 
taken to be a sign of Fate, and so the game was named. In modern times, many 
variations of the deck have been developed for use in the game. 

Each card in a Fate deck is assigned a numerical value, which is displayed on 
the corners of the card. When a higher valued card is placed adjacent to a 
lower valued card, control of the lower card shifts to the person who played 
the higher valued card. The person who commands the most cards when the 3x3 
grid is full is declared the winner.

To play a game of Fate, you must have a set (or deck) of Fate cards before 
you. You may play against the magical enchantment of the deck itself, or 
another person.

The commands to play a game of Fate are:

FATE LIST [set name]                         List the sets of Fate cards 
                                             available to you, or a summary of 
                                             the cards in a particular set.

FATE VIEW <set name>                         View the cards in a set.

FATE CHALLENGE <player|none> [WITH <set>] [WAGERING <gold>] Challenge another 
                                             player or start a game against the
                                             enchanted deck. You can optionally
                                             specify which set of cards to use 
                                             and a wager (if you are playing 
                                             against someone else) from 1 to 
                                             40,000 gold sovereigns.

FATE ACCEPT                                  Accept a player's challenge to 
                                             play a game of Fate. You must 
                                             have any gold to be wagered in 
                                             your inventory.

FATE VIEW HAND|GAME|ALL                      View your hand of up to five 
                                             cards, the 3x3 grid of the game, 
                                             or both.

FATE VIEW <deck>                             Alternately, you can specify which
                                             game to view by using the item 
                                             number of its deck.

FATE PLAY <hand position> TO <game position> Play a card from your hand to the 
                                             grid. Cards in your hand are
                                             labeled 1 to 5 and the grid 
                                             positions are labeled 1 to 9.