Like a freeforall, a Battlerun competition is a combat-oriented event taking place in the arena. Your task is to kill as many people as possible to gain the most points. Points gained are relative to the killed player's current score. If your score reaches 0, you will be thrown out of the arena. Otherwise, you will respawn at the Pinnacle of War to keep on fighting. The Pinnacle of War is an monument that continuously moves around the arena. (Note: The monument may change depending on the arena.)

The player at the end of the time limit with the most points will win. In the event of a tie, the players tieing will be left to fight for a few more minutes for score changes to occur.

Like all Arena events, ES, or EVENTSTATUS will show you the status of the event and time left until it ends.

Read HELP ARENA for more information on the Arena and related commands.