17.4.9 THE GAME of DARTS

To play darts, you need a dartboard which can be purchased for dingbats. The dartboard consists of 20 wedges, divided by two bands, and in the center bullseye are two bands (an inner band counts for double and outer band which counts for triple). Scoring is based on the where the dart lands on the dartboard:

Inner Bullseye:   100 points
Outer Bullseye:    50 points
Numbered Wedge:  1-20 points (x2 if in the double band, x3 if in the triple band)

If you are the owner a dartboard, you have access to the following commands:

DROP DARTBOARD - Sets it up in the room
PUSH DARTBOARD - Replaces it to your inventory
TURN DARTBOARD - Reset the score

Anyone has access to the following commands in a room with a dartboard:

KNOCK DARTBOARD - Get 3 darts (Note: if someone knocks after you, your darts 
                  will disappear, so use them before another player)
TOUCH DARTBOARD - See the score of those who played.

To actually play, simply THROW DART AT DARTBOARD.

The more you play darts, the more proficient you will become over time. However, your proficiency will decrease if you do not play regularly. Thus, if you want to be a darts champion, you will need to keep practicing.