Theater: Commands for the Audience

Here are the commands you can use while you're in front of a stage.

STAGE STATUS: See if the stage is currently being used to perform, replay, or 
set up a production.

STAGE LIST: Lists all productions which have been recorded.

STAGE PROGRAM [title]: Displays the program for a production. (If no production 
name or ID number is specified, the currently running production, if any, is 
used.)  The program tells you about the production and who was involved in 
making it.

STAGE LOOK: Examine the current scene on the stage, if any. This will also show 
any props, as well as a list of roles currently on stage.

STAGE LOOK <prop>|<role>: Examine a prop more closely, or look at the costume 
being worn by one of the roles.

STAGE START <ID>|<title>: Start a replay of a production. You'll have to pay 
the ticket price, if any.

Important Note about Ticket Prices: Tickets are not per person, but per replay. 
If a bunch of people are there with you when you buy a ticket, they also get to 
watch with you. If the ticket price seems high, just find a bunch of people to 
split the cost!  It's always more fun to watch performances in a group anyway. 
However, only the ticketholder can do the following commands:

STAGE PAUSE: Pause the replay, or if it's paused, resume it.

STAGE REWIND: Rewinds the replay by five lines.

STAGE SPEEDUP|SLOWDOWN: Change the rate of the performance, from 25% to 250% of 
normal speed.

STAGE STOP: Abandons the replay. No refunds!

to the director whether this will be allowed, and if it will be added to the 
recording (if there is one going on).

STAGE HECKLE <text>: Make even more noise!  Like above, but you get to holler 
whatever you like at the actors.

STAGE RATE <stars>: After the production is completed you have two minutes to 
express your opinion.  You only get to rate a production once, and if you're 
involved in the production or managing its home stage, you're not allowed to.  
When the production is being recorded, everyone in the audience gets to rate 
it; during a replay, only the person who bought the ticket is allowed to.  
Ratings are from 0 to 5 stars.