Every so often, a rift in time will open somewhere within the Prime Material Plane. Within these rifts, you will find valuable anomalies that power and drive guild research Projects (see HELP RESEARCH). To gain these anomalies, you need to discover the portal into the rift, find the anomalies and release them. Be careful though, because others will be trying to release them as well and may contest you for them. 

There are various commands you can use to see if a rift is open and active.

	TIMEQUAKE STATUS                - will tell you if a rift is open and where you can find the portal.
	TIMEQUAKE RELEASE <anomaly>     - Starts to release the anomaly.
	TIMEQUAKE ABSORB <anomaly>      - Absorbs an anomaly in your inventory for archpower.

When you start to release the anomaly, you must stay in that room for a time. Only one person can release an anomaly at a given time, and if you are moved from the room, or someone else starts to release it, they will unlock you from releasing it yourself. 

Once released, you can either use that anomaly to further your research projects, or you can absorb it for Archpower.