When a game of Slippers is started, you will be able to JOIN SLIPPERS to start playing. Note that once you have done this, you will lose most of your skills until the end of the event. The one exception is swimming. You will begin in the same room as the faeling godmother, so it is in your best interests to run around and find a better place to be. When the game begins, a random participant will receive a lovely glass slipper which they will not be able to get rid of in any manner but either giving or throwing it to another player. A rather annoyed faeling godmother will appear in the arena, and she will want this glass slipper, and will punish any little thieves that may have it in their possession! Unfortunately for you, in order to not attract undue attention to yourself, or in the case of the person with the slipper, break the slipper, you will be forced to move very slowly.

Once the faeling godmother catches someone with the glass slipper, she will punish the "thief" that is in possession of it by turning them into a warty toad for a short time. This has the side-effect of throwing the person from the game, making them doubly unhappy.

The last person to survive without being toadcursed will win the game.

EVENTSTATUS or ES will show you who is in the game, where the faeling godmother is, and who she is chasing. Once you are out, or if you just wish to spectate, you can stay in the spectator area of the arena, where you will be able to see the movements of the slipper and the fates of the players.