The Wargames event is an arena game in which the object is to be in the last team to remain standing with at least one member. When the game is initialised you will be able to join it, either choosing a team to join or if you omit a team, you will be placed on the team with the lowest number of members. Note that if Forced Even Teams is enabled, you will always be placed upon the team with the lowest number of members.

Once you have joined a team you will be sent to that team's staging room, which will have a standard in it in the colour of your team. You should use the time between joining a team and the start of the game to prepare yourself for battle and coordinate with your team-mates. There is a special Team aetherwave set aside for this purpose.

During the time between initialisation and the event starting, no aggressive actions are able to be done inside the arena. You may also quit your team and exit the Wargames at this point, as long as it is not a Forced Even Teams event, in order to rejoin a different team.

Once the game has started, your only objective is to make sure that both you and as many of your team as possible survive. All members of all other teams must die for your team to win.

The number of teams that will participate and the maximum number of members in a team are chosen by the initialiser of the event, with the absolute maximums being 10 and 30 respectively. All participants and any spectators in the spectator room of the arena will be alerted whenever someone new joins a team. EVENTSTATUS will show which team a person is on, as well as their health, mana and location for spectators, and just location for participants.

Finally, each time a participant dies, all spectators and participants will be alerted to how many members a team has left, or if it has been annihilated. You may also check the remaining members of all the teams in the summary at the bottom of EVENTSTATUS.

The teams are named by colour, with the possible colours being: RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO, VIOLET, SILVER, BLACK and WHITE

Related commands:

INIT WARGAMES <arena> <no. of teams> <max size of team> <EVENON/EVENOFF>
Note - EVENON/EVENOFF refers to whether or not Forced Even Teams should be enabled.

JOIN WARGAMES <arena> [team]
Note - Team is an optional argument, which sets your preferred team to join.


TEAM <text>
Note - This sends a message across the team aetherwave to all members of your team.

Note - This will remove you from the Wargames entirely, so that you may rejoin to a different team.