Miniature battles are those fought using magical figurines. Once 
sculpted by an artist and enchanted by an enchanter, these figurines can 
be placed into a fighting ring, where they will fight to the "death." One 
can even place many figurines into one ring, creating a giant brawl that 
will last until only one is left standing.

Figurines will gain "experience" with each battle won, and lose it with 
every battle lost.  Figurines will also break, lose decay time, if they 
lose a battle but will become stronger, gain decay time, with each battle 
won and each "level" gained.

To use a fighting ring, the syntax is as follows:

COMBATRING PLACE <figurine>:       Add a figurine to the combat
COMBATRING REMOVE <figurine>:      Remove a figurine from the combat
COMBATRING INITIATE:               Start the combat

Rings can be built by an artisan anywhere furniture can be made.

Miniatures can also be given things. This includes Sparkleberry, which needs to
be packed by a skilled herbalist, or by FEEDing it minimeals, which need
to be made by a chef.