Once all the production elements are created, gather the actors backstage and the audience before the stage. The director will use the following commands to start, run, and finish the performance.

BACKSTAGE SELECT <production>: The production must be selected first.

BACKSTAGE RUNTHROUGH: Starts the performance and opens the curtains, but do not start recording.

BACKSTAGE RECORD: As RUNTHROUGH, but also starts a recording.

BACKSTAGE ROLE PERFORM <rolename>: Used by the director to activate a role. The associated actor needs to be present backstage. The director will generally use this command on all the actors at the start of the performance, then again only when an actor is assigned multiple roles and is switching between them. All the actor commands won't be allowed until this is done.

BACKSTAGE EFFECT PERFORM <effectname>: The director uses this to cause an effect to be seen by the audience.

BACKSTAGE SCENE PERFORM <scenename>: Changes the scene on stage.  The audience will not see any indication of this, but anyone who does a STAGE LOOK will see the new scene.  Performing a scene always automatically performs all associated props.

BACKSTAGE COSTUME PERFORM <costumename>: Set a particular role to be wearing a costume.  The audience will not notice (whether the role is on-stage or off), but when the role is on-stage and someone does a STAGE LOOK at it, they will see the current costume.

BACKSTAGE IMPROV <colour> <text>: This is similar to performing an effect, but lets the director make one up on the fly, to adapt to unusual events like missed cues.

BACKSTAGE FINISH: The director uses this to conclude the performance and close the curtains.

BACKSTAGE ABORT: Like FINISH, but displays a message about technical difficulties instead of the curtains closing, and deletes the recording in progress if there is one.

BACKSTAGE ERASE: Erases an existing recording. You'll need to do this before you can start a new one.

BACKSTAGE CURTAINCALL: Do this after you FINISH the performance. This moves the director, cast, and crew in one movement from backstage to offstage so you can do your bows and graciously receive your plaudits, or thrown vegetables.