An aethership could function with only the command chair. Indeed, a one-room ship manned by an experienced pilot would make a very fast and effective scout. However, if a ship is going to engage in combat with aether creatures (or even other ships), they must have a full crew. The most fearsome aethership is the one whose crew coordinates their actions as though they share one mind.

Command Chair: The most important position is the commander of the aethership, without whom the ship would not move. The commander is also in charge of leading or joining armadas as well as deploying special defensive and offensive manoeuvres.

Empathic Grid: Perhaps the second most important function is that of the aethership's empath, who repairs damage to the ship and is in charge of communications.

Battle Turret: Multiple battle turrets (up to three) can be placed on an aethership, and the combateer who mans them is in charge of the ship's offence. Without a battle turret, the aethership would not be able to defend itself and must always hope to outrun any hostile encounter.

Energy Collectors: This position is not vital and is often assumed by another member of the crew when encountering an energy vortex. The person manning the collector is in charge of siphoning power. Usually, this is from energy vortexes, but power can also be drained from a city or commune nexus (only with permission) and from other ships (though only if the two ships share a breach).

Ramhead: Although ramheads cannot be manned like other modules, it is not unknown for a group of fighters to travel in the ramhead chamber and wait for the ship to breach another ship. Once the breach occurs (i.e., the ship successfully rams an enemy ship), these fighters can board the other ship. This is the only method to board from one ship to another while in aetherspace.