The slot machine is the simplest form of gambling: you just bet and
pull, then find out if you won! It can be wildly addicting, though, with
its fast spinning reels and quick pace.

The game itself consists of one device, called a slot machine. It holds
three reels, which spin within it at the pull of a lever. The display
allows the player to see only one image on each reel at a time. Each
reel contains the images of five astrological signs: bumblebee, dolphin,
spider, skull and dragon. If the machine stops spinning with a set of
two or three of these signs displayed, the player wins!

Playing a slot machine is easy. Your only decision is how much to
bet! Once you pull the lever, it's pure luck...

You may bet gold in whatever amount you like, from 2 to 50,000, while
standing at a slot machine. The syntax to bet is:

BET <however many> GOLD

You must then pull the lever to start the reels spinning. If you don't
pull, your bet will be forfeit after a short delay, so play fast! The
syntax to pull is:


Once you pull the lever, the reels will spin to display three signs. If
none of the signs match, you have lost and your bet is kept by the
machine. However, if you have a pair or triplet, you will receive some
multiple of your bet returned to you as follows:

2 Bumblebees  | x 1/2           3 Bumblebees  | x   1
2 Dolphins    | x  1            3 Dolphins    | x   4
2 Spiders     | x  2            3 Spiders     | x  32
2 Skulls      | x  8            3 Skulls      | x 128
2 Dragons     | x 32            3 Dragons     | x 512

You could win over 25,000,000 gold sovereigns with just one spin!