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April 2018 Newsletter

Ascension of Deichtine Ysav’rai The Ascension That Failed When Avechna called the Final Ascension Challenge forth, the High Prophet Ghani n’Rotri swooped in and stole the Staff of Ascension for himself, and began to ascend as an Avatar of Kethuru. This had been Ghani n’Rotri’s plan all along – his destiny as was writ in…

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November 2017 Newsletter

New Monk Classes! Nunchaku Monks The Nunchaku monk class was released and is available in the City of Gaudiguch. These monks wield nunchucks that can be woven in stupendous patterns to mess with the minds of their opponents. With the new skill of Zarakido, these monks can tap into their inner will and the flows…

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October 2017 Newsletter

Lusternia Turns Thirteen Anniversary Celebrations Lusternia enters its terrible teens in October, turning 13 years old! Throughout the month there will be events to celebrate this momentous event. Also, keep an eye out for the Czigany Wayfaire which usually shows up for the festivities! Read more! Love on the Rocks Wedding bells rang discordantly across…

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August 2017 Newsletter

As the Basin Turns Digging a New Life There has been a spate of activity throughout the Basin of Life, beginning with the orcs near the Shallach River who were digging under the oversight of the orclach¬†Hethklyff Ruag. Something was discovered, orcs were turned to skeletons and a love story was revealed. Was this just…

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Newsletter July 2017

Lusternia Gets a Facelift Website Facelift! Check out the new website. We’ve updated the entire look and feel which should be sleeker and easier to navigate around. Most especially, the new Portal page is an easy access interface to view in-game news, messages and logs. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to resolve the…

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