June 2019 Newsletter


Timequakes and the
Dawning of the Age of the Magi

Timequakes and the Battle to Defend Time

In the middle of the 530th year after the Coming of Estarra, the people of the Basin of Life began to experience strange visions. Some came in dreams, whilst others would strike at random – bringing images from a titanic figure tearing away monstrous wings to the world transformed into immaculate and desolate forms. Time itself was under attack, and reality itself was in danger of fracturing. Through studying prophecies and intense research, the guilds throughout Lusternia individually and collectively were able to mitigate the worst of the effects. Read about the Battle to Defend Time.

Thus, Timequakes have been released into Lusternia, a new system where rifts in time randomly appear that lead to pockets outside of time, where there is no experience loss from death. Players can compete to collect anomalies that can be used either for individual power or to help guilds research how to exploit the weaknesses in the temporal fabric. Read more.

Dawning of the Age of the Magi

This large coding project will focus primarily on updating mages and druids, which will replace the demesne system with a new node system. The projected time to complete this project will be approximately 3 months with the aim of releasing the new system the end of August or beginning of September. Be sure to keep abreast of the forums where ongoing discussions with players will shape how the system evolves. The initial framework includes:
  • Nodes – 3-5 per melder.
    • Nodes can be placed anywhere except adjacent to another node and melder/linked rooms.
    • Rooms between nodes will become terrained and melded upon new node being planted but only if the nodes are within 5 rooms of each other.
      • Will be the shortest path between two rooms
      • If multiple paths are available, the path will be randomly chosen
      • linked nodes will be stronger than unlinked nodes. (1.5x stronger)
    • Any node can be broken, and any linking between nodes will dissipate
      • Can be broken by killing the Avatar
        • Melder (and any bonded melders) will be notified when avatar attacked
        • Avatar disappears when Primary melder is in the node room.
      • Can be broken by an enemy melder using a 5s channel
        • Melder (and any bonded melders) notified when channel started
        • Primary melder going to the node will stop it (not bonded melders) if the melder is present in the room at the end.
        • Nothing else breaks the channel
      • Can be broken by killing the melder in the node room.
  • Effects
    • Effects fire in each node room and any linked room.
    • Protection scroll prevents effects in linked rooms, does not protect in node rooms.
  • Other melders
    • Other melders of the same spec can bond with a node
      • Increases Node strength by 10% per melder bonded.
    • Gain access to meld commands (ie demesnewatch, teleport and any other demesne abilities)
    • If primary melder dies, secondary melder becomes the holder (in order of bonding).
      • If no seconday melder, all nodes break.

Updates Galore

Many reports submitted by players have been addressed. There was also a popular Twitch livestream of a coder fixing bugs! These updates include (but are not limited to):

Report Updates

  • Night Curse can no longer give asthma
  • Unravelling will only cause passive asthma at 7 twists now.
  • Night Steal has had a 1p cost added to it.
  • New Order privilege – Dismantle
    • DISMANTLE SHRINE can be used to remove a shrine and all of the influenced rooms. Will cost 200,000 essence.
    • DISMANTLE INFLUENCE can be used to remove the influence of a specific room. Will cost 10,000 essence to use.
    • Must be assigned by your patron to order ranks in order to use.
  • A ‘Looktext’ category has been added to stat that will display how you look to people in the room. One caveat is that this considers both your current status and your defenses, so for instance if you are shrouded but do not have thirdeye up, you will see nothing on the looktext.
  • Shamanism Mudslick, Quicksand, Land and Root have had their environmental constraints removed.

Livestream Updates

  • Shivering should never cure before Frozen now.
  • The weather balloon rooms should no longer count towards explorers
  • Severing astrospheres will require the target to have masochism.
  • Wonderwings Jump and Wonderpipe Smokestep will be affected by aeon once more.
  • Wonderpipe Anamnesis Faelings will get the One with Nature in Wyrden forests.
  • Naga and Sileni can now be blessed by domoths.
  • Mintcandy will now appear in the Aethergoop items in your rift.
  • Aethertraders should now properly reset and always accept 3 trades when first appearing.
  • You will now be able to hide the Bladed Harness of the Cow Butcher like other artifacts, such that the cows will never see you coming.


  • June 1-30: For the month of June, we are introducing a new coin that can be used to spin the Wheel of Tzaraziko: golothian blood coins! These coins have slightly better payouts than Czigany coins plus there’s a chance the reward could be random anomalies! Packages of mixed coins (Czigany and Golothian) can be found on the Credit Page!
  • June 2: Wild Nodes!
  • June 16: Wild Nodes!
  • June 30: Wild Nodes!

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