The Realm of the Majesty of the Dawn

Clouds lit up by sunlight

A great sadness befell the City of New Celest during the eve of Dioni, in the year 674, when a mote of cerulean light streaked across the skies above the sleepy city, descending towards the Pool of Stars. It was Meleris, the Keeper of the Pool of Stars that first noticed the mote of light as it bobbed sadly around…

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Healing of the Majesty of Dawn

Clouds lit up by dawn

It was late Dioni of the year 667 CE, when a radiant burst of dawn-hued light suddenly streaked across the midnight skies of the Basin. Travelling within it was Lord Valtreth, the Majesty of the Dawn, and His movements were erratic and following strange patterns as He visibly struggled with something. He was soon followed…

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The Fall of Summer Heat as a New Dawn Rises

Sun rises over a meandering river.

It was an early spring morning of the year 666 since the Coming of Estarra when a peculiar phenomenon was observed at dawn – a streak of golden light illuminated the skies. It lasted well into the night but as Solstice was near, most dismissed it as one of its hallmarks. It was only Serenwilde,…

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Fellowship of the Roots

Mossy roots in a forest.

Driven to get to the bottom of the dreams they have been receiving, the Fellowship of the Roots set out to recruit more widely from across the Basin of Life. Whether their dream’s source was benevolent, or not, they desired to comprehend it as they have been at the heart of too many coincidences of…

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A New Acolyte of the Light is Chosen

It was in the early hours of a cool autumn morning just after school had started that the playful laughter of children echoed through the quiet streets of New Celest. The laughter was first heard by Tridemon Regalis, who chased the children around the entirety of the city, from the Dragon’s Grave, through the Memorial…

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Crow’s Return and a Mysterious Trade

Crow of the Ravenwood artisanal by Ymbryne

On the 13th of Urlachmar, the loud cries and cawing of the Glomdoring Forest’s gathered crows echoed across the land, portending something imminent. Shooting across the Basin at great speed, Brother Crow returned to the Forest from his place at Lady Viravain’s side. The mysterious Elder Goddess had departed the Forest some time ago, and…

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Hallifaxian Archives: Treason Case of 661 CE

Note to reader: The following is a compilation of entries from the legal notes of High Supreme Justice Lilliana Sunfar on the investigation and ultimate treason conviction over the course of 659 – 661 CE. Due to the historic and largely unprecedented nature of this crime in modern history, the Ministry of Justice, acting in…

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The Mystery of Summer Heat

A storm in the desert.

A storm rumbled over the Skarch Desert, gathering clouds looming ominously over the dunes. The sound of thunder barely disguised the sound of cackling laughter, the first hint that something was amiss. On a cold day, the 3rd of Urlachmar in the year 661 after the Coming of Estarra, Huskii Myeras of Serenwilde was the…

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Muhanlesh Menace terrorizes Grey Moors

A foggy path through the moors.

The power of the moon was waning on Avechary 7th, the year 660 CE, when an expedition headed by Feenol Leihm, Professor of Biological and Botanical Studies at the Gorlognal Academy, reached Muhanlesh Caverns. Accompanied by Research Assistant Phuslik Meshglog, the Professor sought to determine whether the old research facility still held any research notes…

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The Discovery of Gaaglin Swamp and Gorlognal Academy

A crocodile swims through a swamp.

At the entrance to what the expedition soon learned was called Gaaglin Swamp, they found a pair of mugwumps – brother and sister – arguing vehemently. One was called Phelbin Gorlogg, and he was the chancellor of a mugwump place of learning called the Gorlognal Academy, which had unfortunately been sunk into the swamp recently…

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Prophecies, Dreams, and Earthquakes

Dark clouds cover the sky in the picture, only a tiny strip of bright sky visible.

It is said that prophecy only becomes clear in hindsight, and that for every sentence of foretelling, there are a dozen interpretations. And yet, the peoples of Basin of Life gathered prophecy nonetheless, as one organisation after another were alerted in dreams, intuition, and sensations that something strange was afoot, and that the world itself…

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Of Moss and Machinations

Mossy rocks over which flows a waterfall in multiple streams.

From a torn page covered in flecks of moss, written by Pachidrui Etloo. It all started with a seagull, a nuisance of a bird that I’d rather avoid in the future. Still, it alerted me and later others to the plight that plagued the Toronada Tidal Flats. It seems a new variation of moss had…

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The Tale of Two Great Worms

Underwater, close to the surface.

Winter had released its grasp and spring had broken out in the early days of Kiani when sounds of a heated squabble echoed across the Basin. It would be Qistrel Strongleaf of the Serenwilde Commune who would first stumble upon Pachidrui Etloo, the herbalist newly settled there, being interrogated by none other than Ganine Natharian,…

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Of huskies, and abominations

Hukies in scarves sitting in the snow

In the deep darkness of an Avechary night, a blast of icy wind blew south across the Basin of Life, carrying upon it the howling of dogs and the sounds of battle. The baying of the hounds was enough to catch the attention of many and the search began, with adventurers heading off in all…

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Bored and Looking for Board

A great wave crashes down, two surfers attempt the wave.

One fine Dioni day, Pyrlios, the resident vagabond of the Toronada Tidal Flats declared that conditions were perfect for wave surfing! There was only one problem though. Pyrlios had no surfboard to ride the waves with! No less than nine brave adventurers quickly came to his aid, and in his joy, Pyrlios invited them to…

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Pachidrui’s Hunt For New Flora

Two glass mugs seen from above, filled with herbal tea.

A torn page from the journal of one: Pachidrui Etloo One last undertaking, it was to be. The final journey, as I had received word that there was a place in need of an herbalist, and I had grown tired of my home, of the plants and flora that grew there. I had taken to…

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Serenwilde Attacked

On a cold Roarkian day in the year 654 CE, a roar echoed over the foothills of the Northern Mountains, drawing the attention of those in the forest nearby. Soon, Qistrel, Veara, Huskii, Lendren, and Llani of the Serenwilde all gathered around Adasser and Caedir, two young warriors from the commune who were warily watching…

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Clandestine Correspondence

The smog-clad city of Magnagora.

Ghalib d’Murani of Magnagora is not what one might call an imposing gentleman, nor one used to drawing attention to himself. There are, after all, many ways to wield power in the Engine of Transformation, and one need not be loud or brutish to be powerful. Subtlety, patience, and resourcefulness are useful tools for the…

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The Navigator Returns

Against a darkened sky, a single light searches for the skies.

See… The night sky above Lusternia, dark, and as mysterious as the First World itself. Host to the great movements of the Sun and the Moon. To the dance of quick Eroee and slow Aapek; of Sidiak, Tarox, and Papaxi. To the eternal twinkling of the stars upon the firmanent. Except… not all the stars…

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