June 2018 Newsletter


Strange Storms Hit Basin of Life

Strange Storm Alert!

Something odd is afoot! The skies over Lusternia crackle with blue lightning. The stars struggle. Strange shapes and images shift in and out of view. Once a Lusternian day, rains of bouncing balls are falling out of the skies and bounding across the lands! A strange gnome has appeared who is purchasing these odd balls for cold, hard gold. Participate in the quest and receive a free present! For details, read more.

Warrior Renovations

After weeks of development and testing, warriors have undergone a big renovation, with a number of skills updated and several new skills implemented. The primary focus of these changes was to give warriors more options and efficacy in group combat. For a list of specific updates, read more.

The Mists of Serenwilde

In the verdant forest, an otherworldly black mist fell from the heavens. A new friend quickly turned foe; in his wake the woods were cast into darkness, and in the storm the dwellers left to stumble. In the shadows, the watcher stalks his prey, shrouded in white. The mists cascade across the pillars seeking the twisted crown. For details, read more.

New Artwork

Lusternia commissioned new concept art for the cities of Magnagora and New Celest. They are great for screen backgrounds! Check it out!


  • June 1-30: For the month of June, you can purchase presents directly on the Credit Page! Prizes within presents have been up dramatically updated–see Announce 2828. Also, lessons can be directly purchased for a big discount.
  • June 3: Wild Nodes!
  • June 17: Wild Nodes!

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