Mages and Druids Coming to a Town Near You!


Mages & Druids Coming to a Town Near You!

Mages and Druids!

The fruits of our labors are about to be realized as the updated mages and druids will be released in September! If you’ve been living under a rockeater, the mage and druid archetypes are in the midst of a major update which will see a whole new mechanic on how demesnes work with an eye to the combat strategy of each organization. We are currently testing mages and they will be released live later in the month. A lesson sale is available this month to those who wish to dip their metaphorical and literal toes into the magical waters of our demesne workers.

Craft Design Overhaul

For some time now, We have been evaluating the strengths and flaws of Our design system. We believe that the Lusternian design system is one of the hallmarks of the game, and one of our greatest features. We also understand that over the decade and longer that it has existed, its rules have grown…unruly. Read more. Plus, a very sweet ingredient is available, in limited qualities, that many have been asking for — le chocolate!

Great Library Clarifications

The divine scholars have convened together to discuss the workings of the Great Libraries, including the tasks of publishing and critiquing books as well as the nature of the Library Prestige Contests themselves. As a result of deliberations, there have been notable changes to the entire library system. Read more.

The Raezoning Behind the Syzygy

Beams of light began flashing in the sky, and as the sun passed overhead, Eroee, Sidiak, Tarox, Papaxi, and Aapek were visible upon the face of the Sun in near-alignment. The light began to intensify, burning the flesh of citizens of the Basin and causing fires throughout, which heralded the return of Elder God Raezon the Forbidden. What he brought back with him remains a mystery. Read more.

A Shot in the Dark

Magicked thorn-serpents and cursed arrows flew across the skies of the Basin of Life when Maylea, Bloom of Serenity snuck into the Glomdoring in disguise to steal an item tied to Nocht, the Silent from His own order head, the Wyrden Haruspex of the Auguries, Rancoura! Read more.


  • September 1-30: For the month of September, you can purchase lessons directly on the website for a steep discount, which is perfect for those who may be interested in the updated mage/druid archetypes. Also, a variety of old curios are available for direct purchase as well. Both can be found on the Credit Page!
  • September 8: Wild Nodes!
  • September 22: Wild Nodes!

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