Inclusivity Project: Tribal References

An old open book accompanied by a compass and a candle

The event that took place in Serenwilde today (Event Post #491) is part of a broader project to address Native appropriation within Lusternia. This segment of the project deals with the concept of tribes and has been split into two parts: commune changes and global changes. The first is now out, the latter is to…

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The Bonding of Kith and Kin

Misty woods pierced by sunbeams

From the Journal of Alpheth Lunseer: I do not know what I expected, when I asked the Serenwilde to open the Henge to the others. Certainly, I knew that it would be overwhelming. After all, I have had only the trees for companionship these past decades. I did not even know how long it had…

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January 20th Celebrations

For the next 24 hours, denizens of the Basin will listen to your magnificent tales enraptured and all pursuits of our adventurers will bring double the wisdom they normally do.

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Bob’s Forgotten Vaults

Trader Bob has once again unveiled to the Basin the forgotten vaults of treasures that he has unearthed over the years! The lost treasures contained within are now available for the bearers of his golden keys, available for purchase on the website! Contents of the vault include, but are not limited to, wondercrystals, caches of…

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New Producer

A woman steps out of a fiery portal

Starting January 1, Uilani will be replacing Aonia as Co-Producer for Lusternia. She has been part of the Havens family for years and is very excited to step up to the challenge.

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Solstice Festivities

Snowy mountains on a crisp day

With Solstice in full swing, each city and commune has a small quest which will award a special Solstice gift upon completion. Shops with old Solstice rewards are open, as is Solstice Court!

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Season of Giving!

Get more present from your stocking this year, with the return of Ironbeard and the Gnodfather’s competition to dominate the Solstice season!

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Endzones Released!

Beautiful rainbow skies shine with light over a distant silhouetted city in the mountains.

After months of incredibly hard work from our dedicated team, we are incredibly proud to announce the release of our first Endzone area: the Ruins of Grimkeep!

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Entering Into the Wasteland

Official image of a Dwarf from Lusternia. The dwarf has a thick red beard and a battleaxe.

A guild of explorers welcomed adventurers into previously undiscovered depths of the Catacombs of the Dead, and led them to the ruins of an ancient city beyond.

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July Curio Bonanza!

All this month in Lusternia, you can buy our collectable curio packages direct from the website! On top of that, you have 25% increased influence damage every Wednesday in July.

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Black Lives Matter

Over the last week, millions of people have protested the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others. Citizens of the United States and other countries are demanding justice and equity. We’re seeing a movement for change that hasn’t been seen in our lifetimes, and it’s long overdue. First, we stand with the Black…

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Timequakes Released!

Since guilds have begun research projects in response to the temporal disturbances recently plaguing the Basin of Life, the new Timequake System has been released! Several times throughout a Lusternian month, a timequake may suddenly hit the Basin of Life. You will need to seek out the temporal rift that has opened and you can…

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Challenge of Death

There can be no life without death and, on the 7th of Vestian, 524 years after the Coming of Estarra, the Challenge of Death would choose its Sealbearer, the one who could spread the gift of the final sleep furthest throughout the land. Many challengers took to the field to drench the earth in blood,…

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Challenge of Life

On the 5th of Vestian, 524 CoE, the Challenge of Life was held. It was Malarious who cured the first diseased furrikin from its ailments, followed by Steingrim. Soon after Avurekhos appear as the third challenger. Poihala, Lorina and Eliron eventually joined the ranks. By the halfway mark of the Challenge it was these six…

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Challenge of Knowledge

The Trial of Knowledge took place on the 7th of Dioni, 524 CoE, and continued late into the night. The start was slow, with the initial questions proving to be a greater challenge than would have been expected. But slowly, little by little, the competitors have emerged. Once Kalaneya Shee-Slaugh of Glomdoring took the lead,…

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Helllooooo, Dolly d’Amour!

Ah, love is in the air and, once again, Madame Sylvie’s famous mother, the charming Dolly d’Amour, has returned to the Basin of Life to help the wandering lovelorn find love! Greet the lovelorn and then seduce them for love letters. If you get a love letter, bring it to Dolly, and if you give…

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