August 2017 Newsletter


As the Basin Turns

Digging a New Life

There has been a spate of activity throughout the Basin of Life, beginning with the orcs near the Shallach River who were digging under the oversight of the orclach Hethklyff Ruag. Something was discovered, orcs were turned to skeletons and a love story was revealed. Was this just another day in the Basin?  Read more!

Tainted Promises

The City of Magnagora, known the Engine of Transformation, lived up to their reputation when they set their sights on the Inner Sea. With help from a new acquaintance, the Magnagoran Warlord unleashed a startlingly effective strategy that began to spread the Taint throughout the crystalline waters that had escaped the Taint Wars so long ago. Read more!


Purification Backup Plans

When the Inner Sea began showing signs of the Taint, the City of New Celest kicked into action, turning to their aqua-engineers. Though schematics drawn and a great feat of aqua-engineering accomplished, the Armies of Light needed to be called to truly purify the tainted waters. Read more!

The Essence of War

With the fate of the Inner Sea at a crossroads, the great cities of Magnagora and New Celest drew closer towards full war. With the theft of the aqua-engineers plans, Magnagora was able to construct an infernal machine that pumped the Taint into the Inner Sea, though New Celest attempted to purify the waters in tandem. But the technology both sides relied on were untested and unreliable and propelled the cities towards a perhaps inevitable conclusion. Read more!

The Testimony of Baeroc Spineson

Who is Baeroc Spineson? A simple weaver of Stewartsville? When strange spores led him on a journey into the Dark Forest of Glomdoring, he was caught in a web of shadow that changed his life forever, and perhaps the trajectory of the Dark Forest itself. Read more!

Wish You Were Here – Love Nirena

In a letter to her beloved uncle, Nirena Leafsmith tells of her entry into the Serenwilde Forest and finding a home there. But when she found the Serenguard Lodge burned to the ground, she led an effort of rebuilding of the historical site. Read more!

How Servants Pass The Time

The diary of an unknown servant outlines the unsettling alliance of the orcs of Mount Krog and an unknown power. This led to the City of Hallifax lending aid to the lucidians living in Mount Krog and questions being raised to the Collective that were unsettling and unanswered. Read more!

Bad for Business

Meanwhile, the City of Gaudiguch focused on what their citizens believed was of utmost importance: the matter of commerce. Look no further than the musings of Deotathi Miim who was suspicious of the wares of Kahn Lucas, a young upstart merchant with a new product that came in the form of rainbow pills that threatened Deotathi’s trade. Read more!


  • August 1-31: For the month of August, we are releasing a new wonder item: the Brazier of Wonder (inspired by a player’s idea sent to us). For this month only, you can purchase wonder gems directly on the website (which also includes 2 presents for each wonder item). Also throughout August, we are offering discounted lessons directly for sale on the Credit Page.
  • August 13: Wild Nodes!
  • August 27: Wild Nodes!

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