December 2018 Newsletter


Hallifax Updates & Newbie Love!

Hallifax Does the Time Warp!

In Hallifax, the updates to their classes have been released! The new goal of Researchers is to build timewarp with the goal to timequake. They have a variety of tools at their disposal, but more importantly, these tools will also allow them to synergize with other Hallifax classes as well. This should open up a variety of combat tactics, both offensive and defensive, and should reward coordination.

Newbie Intro: House of the Moirae

When you create a new character in Lusternia, you will now be taken into a new intro in the House of the Moirae, a quick and fun quest to learn the basics. There are also two new epic quests where newbies are taken back into the past to learn about the Fall of the Celestine Empire by living through the Fall of the Malacoda Manor, the centaur diaspora from Gloriana, and the sinking of the Arysian isles at the end of the Taint Wars. Finally, a Newbie Task system has been introduced to help guide newbies on what to do next as well as how to learn some basic commands. Create a New Character and check it out!

A Kelplie in Mornhai

In the Mornhai Sanctuary, a grumpy old kelpie has taken up residence. Wanting just to enjoy the hot springs to soothe his old bones, the waters are polluted and need to be cleared. Helping the strange old kelpie uncovers some historical discoveries hidden deep within Mornhai’s past. Read more.

Kaeyle Saved and Garosaurs Tamed

The latest twist in the ongoing ecological catastrophes was the startling arrival of an unknown race called the kaeyle. These shy creatures were indeed strangers in a strange land, unable to even understand the common tongue. However, since the kaeyle were native to wherever the other anomalies came from, they were able to demonstrate how to tame and handle the garosaurs. Read more.

Going Home

The kaeyle people who appeared in the Basin of Life were unsure how they were yanked from their home, but it was obvious that they were not flourishing out of their natural environment. The people of the Basin of Life came together to build an aethership for the kaelye, so they could search for their home within the depths of aetherspace. Read more.


  • December 1-31: For the month of December you can purchase solstice stockings directly on the Credit Page! Hang stockings to receive curios, presents and/or racetrack tickets. For every 5 stockings, you receive a special platinum/gold stockings which will contain special items to create unique solstice artifacts!
  • December 16: Wild Nodes!
  • December 21: Merry Solstice!
  • December 30: Wild Nodes!

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