July 2019 Newsletter


Return of the Vesteran Honours!

Art-Bard Contests Re-Opened

Lusternia Art-Bard Contests, also known as the Vesteran Honours, are back on the website, albeit with a different look. As a trial run, we have opened up the contest for this month for artisanal and bardic entries, so please feel free to submit an entry. We have uploaded at least some of the prior winners from past contests if you are interested in browsing the many excellent entries we’ve had in the past.

Mage Updates Going Forward

Orael the head coder of Lusternia has shared the specifics for the specializations with players on the forums. At this point, players are encouraged to help design and develop the specific specialization mage skills as well as working together to develop cohesive combat strategies for each organization. Read more.

Spring Scavenger Hunt

A surprise spring scavenger hunt was sprung from Serenwilde’s very-own Ydyrin, the Scorched Hamadryad. The flowery themed event ended with Ayisdra of Hallifax taking the laurels. Read more.


  • July 1-31: For the month of July, we are bringing back the firework curios for those who missed them during the anniversary sale! When a firework curio is completed, they will form a baton that can set off a special firework that gives a blessing to the room. Collect all four batons, and the firework will give a blessing to an entire city or commune! As an added bonus, you will also receive free presents with each firework purchase. Also, we are putting wonder crystals on sale on the website as well! We’ve discounted the crystals and include 2 free presents for each crystal purchased. Both firework curios and wonder crystals can be found on the Credit Page!
  • July 14: Wild Nodes!
  • July 28: Wild Nodes!

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