March 2019 Newsletter


Ascension of Snald

Final Ascension

In an absolutely brutal Final Ascension, while it first appeared that Yendor of Glomdoring would walk to easy victory as the Chapion of Death, Malarious of Gaudiguch stole the Staff of Ascension away and came within minutes of claiming victory. But Yendor was eventually able to rally his allies to complete the Ascension and rise in victory as Snald, the True Ascendant of Death. Read more.

Ascension Events

  • Challenge of Chaos: Kreon of New Celest was the surprise winner in a truly chaotic competition. Read more.
  • Challenge of Harmony: Enadonella of Glomdoring won the hearts and minds of the denizens of the Basin of Life. Read more.
  • Challenge of Nature: In a very long hunt, Dys of Gaudiguch was finally able to finish the extremely difficult scavenger quest. Read more.
  • Challenge of Knowledge: Kalaneya of Glomdoring proved to be most knowledgeable of Lusternia lore by easily claiming victory. Read more.
  • Challenge of Life: Malarious of Gaudiguch cured the most ill furrikin in the land before going on to almost claiming victory in the Final Ascension. Read more.
  • Challenge of Death: Yendor of Magnagora created rivers of blood in the Basin of Life in order to win the competition. He went on to triumph in the Final Ascension. Read more.
  • Challenge of Beauty: Jolanthe of Gaudiguch stunned the judges with creating the swirling music box of aetherial currents. Read more.
  • Challenge of Justice: Ixion of Magnagora debated and proved his silver tongue by winning this competition. Read more.
  • Challenge of War: Tarken of Glomdoring took the medallion with the help of his teammates Yendor and Deichtine. Read more.

Timequake Update

The upcoming Timequake System is well underway, with the basic coding of the basic mechanics completed, including system for admin to set up timequake areas, easily adjust intervals between quakes and the system for the actual timequake competition. Forum discussions are underway, asking players to help decide on the powers of research projects has been ongoing. It’s not too late to join those discussions!

Leprechaun March Madness!

It is the anniversary of the death of Old Cashel Connlaodh, King of the Leprechauns, the leprechaun population gathered to celebrate his reign. However, as the green ale flowed, old arguments rose about who should lead the leprechauns, which finally resulted in overthrowing King Seamus Connlaodh, calling for a new contest to see which of Old Cashel’s children should rule the leprechauns. Thus, Gilligan Connlaodh and Eileen Connlaodh have returned to try to wrest the crown from their brother Seamus. Receive presents by participating in a daily quest to help select the next King or Queen of the Leprechauns! Read more.

Artifact Review

Check out the forums to see the polls and discussions on updating several artifacts that are concern to players, including the wonderbrazier, cement socks, gem of cloaking and more!


  • March 1-31: For the month of August, prices have been lowered 30% on the website for those interested in credits. Also, you can purchase packs of joy and presents directly on the Credit Page.
  • March 1-31: Don’t forget to help select the new King or Queen of the Leprechauns and earn daily presents while doing so! Read more.
  • March 10: Wild Nodes!
  • March 24: Wild Nodes!

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