July 2018 Newsletter


Peculiar Weather and Other Oddities

Peculiar Weather and Other Oddities

When the skies cracked open with blue-purple lightning, the very atoms of reality shifted, and strange shapes and stars shifted in and out of view upon the firmament. This led to a rain of strange bouncing balls that seemed to have value for at least one gnome who visited the Basin of Life. Was any of this connected to the strange explosions that later rocked the mines and Undervault?  Read more.

Invasion of the Sinkers

After the strange hail of bouncing balls subsided, strange glowing sinkers sprouted throughout the Basin of Life, spreading slowly in tangles of blue-green threads, infiltrating cities and communes and wilds alike. Join in the monthly quest to destroy at the tangles of thread and earn a free wonder crystal! Read more.

Calling Home Lord Nocht

In the Dark Forest of Glomdoring, a pilgrimage to Lhiannan, Queen of the Slaugh, led to the raising of the Drums of the Dead. Eventually, the Silent God known as Lord Nocht heard the Drums and revealed himself. Read more.

Wonder Pie Release and Dingbat Retirement

A new wonder item has been released: the infamous Wonder Pie! This magical pie takes many forms, such as cherry pie which speeds up charity influencing or chiffon pie which which makes other amorous. Wonder Pies can be created with wonder crystals which can be purchased directly on the Credit Page.

Also, it was announced the dingbats will soon be retired. If you have an elite membership, you will instead get one wonder crystal instead of dingbats. Look for future posts on the Announce newsboard when more details emerge.

Questions for Ask Estarra

After a very long hiatus, we are going to attempt to put together another Ask Estarra video. You can submit your video questions to estarra@lusternia.com. Note: if you are shy, feel free not to show yourself, you can show a picture or video your pet or whatever. Masking your voice is also alright! The Lusternia videos are archived on Youtube. Please subscribe!


  • July 1-31: For the month of June, you can purchase packages of wonder crystals directly on the Credit Page!
  • July 1: Wild Nodes!
  • June 15: Wild Nodes!
  • June 29: Wild Nodes!

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