Producer Livestream

Picture of the portal through a fuzzy lens

Tomorrow, on Sunday, the 5th of June at 8pm GMT, Orael and Uilani will be hosting a livestream! We’ll give you a rundown of the Havens’ current development plans for Lusternia and where we are with them, as well as cover a number of other topics. Time permitting, there may also be an opportunity to…

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Livestream Postponed

A picture of a pocketwatch on several old hardback books.

Apologies for the last minute nature of this announcement but we have to postpone our livestream (originally scheduled for the 16th) due to an emergency. We will update you when we find a new date for the livestream.

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Upcoming Livestream

Artwork of Orael and Aonia, by Gurashi. Orael is a prismatic purple blob with glasses and a clipboard - next to him is Aonia, a shimmering silhouette with a bright pink smile. Behind them are a number of bugs, hamsters, and more.

Join us this coming Saturday 12th September at 7pm GMT for a development livestream from our wonderful Producers!

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NPC Livestream Results!

A foggy sky with a full moon and silhouetted, bare trees.

We held our first ever NPC creation livestream, where players got to vote on an NPC who will turn up at a future event! And it’s…well, it’s something.

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Estarra Ustream

Robb French, the Producer of Lusternia, gave a live webcast on September 14, 2012 to discuss upcoming releases and answer questions.

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