April 2019 Newsletter


Gnome Traders Arrive!

Introducing Aetherspace Trading

Gnomish aetherships have been touching down on random aetherbubbles, announcing their presence on the market channel. For the player who finds the gnome trader first, a trade for a specific crafted item can be made for an aethergoop crafted items! You may run across Rubie Royale, who is on the look out for rings, necklaces, crowns and other shinies. Or maybe you’ll run into Raphie DiGagio, whose impeccable fashion sense curates the latest in robes, dresses and anything wearable. Or perhaps you will find Chef Gioia Shucks, whose appetite for pastries, pasta and other popular foods. Being a crafter has never been so good… and profitable! Read more!

Awakening the Spirit of Ilmdria Farirue

One windy morning in the Serenwilde forest, there came a strange whispering. Almost indecipherable at first, it echoed throughout the forest and drew the attention of those gathered at the Mother Moonhart. Daxi Strongleaf and Aydeksa Mzithrei were first to hear it, with Coraline Myeras returning to assist in their search thereafter. What followed led to a discovery of an ancient spirit deep in the heart of the forest and tale of sorrow and friendship. Read more.

Memorial Water Gardens: A Tale of a Tail

It was late in Estar, 527 CE that Milosha Novikei and Yanitone Symfale of New Celest announced the official opening of the Memorial Water Gardens, a project that had been under construction for many years. The opening festivities were attended by citizens of all walks of life, from Prince Minkahmet D’Varden himself to a fisherman interested in learning what varieties of fish could be found in the new garden’s pools. Not to mention the cat. Who would have thought that this would herald the return of the Elder Goddess Carakhan, Sculptor of Waves. Read more.

All Hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns!

For the first time ever, the youngest offspring of Old Cashel Connlaodh has taken the leprechaun throne! His older sister and brother are aghast at this development but the leprechaun population is rejoicing. All hail Gilligan, King of the Leprechauns! Congratulations to Gilligan and those who worked so hard on his behalf for those votes! Read more.

Timequake Updates

Progress is rapidly commencing towards the upcoming Timequake System, as we turned to players to help brainstorm ideas for the research project in Forum Discussions. The aim is to begin testing the mechanics this month with an eye to a rapid release!


  • April 1-30: For the month of April, you will get a free daily spin on the Wheel of Tzaraziko. Also, for April only, you can purchase Czigany coins directly on the website. But that’s not all! If you purchase credits during this month, you will receive 1 coin for every 25 credits purchased. Both coin packages and credits are available on the Credit Page!
  • April 7: Wild Nodes!
  • April 21: Wild Nodes!

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