November 2017 Newsletter


New Monk Classes!

Nunchaku Monks

The Nunchaku monk class was released and is available in the City of Gaudiguch. These monks wield nunchucks that can be woven in stupendous patterns to mess with the minds of their opponents. With the new skill of Zarakido, these monks can tap into their inner will and the flows of life itself through the liberal use of alcohol. Yes, these are Lusternia’s drunken monks, whose chaotic moves are either at odds with or in alignment with the universe, depending on your point of view.  For the story of the founding of this new class, read more.

Tessenchi monks

The Tessenchi monk class was also released and is available in the City of Hallifax. These monks wield fighting fans that are bladed for a variety of cutting attacks, culminating in the dread move known as Death by a Thousand Cuts. Like the Nunchaku monks, the Tessenchi also have access to the new skill of Zarakido, though instead of using alcohol, the Tessenchi imbibe teas to find their center, and endeavor to find harmony with the flows of life and the universal rhythms that underlay all reality. For the story of the founding of this new class, read more.

Upheavals in the Undervault

How the new monk classes were founded started with turbulence in the Undervault among the Kephera Hives and the Illithoid Host. These psionic races were bombarded with a psychic onslaught that threatened to overwhelm their people. First blaming each other, they eventually learned that a new menace had arose with hidden goals and ruthless machinations. While the kephera and illithoid never came close to working together, they managed to set aside their ancient enmity to work on solutions independent of each other.  Read more.

Thirteenth Anniversary Winners

For Lusternia’s thirteenth Anniversary, there were many events and games. Falaeron Shevat of Hallifax dominated most of the events, taking home a treasure trove of winnings. The top winners of each event were:

  • Hamster Hunt: Mrak
  • Lore Quiz: Falaeron
  • Treasure Hunt: Falaeron
  • Death Worldgame: Falaeron
  • Harmony Worldgame: Falaeron
  • Wargames: Tarken, Tyamit, Veyils
  • Battlechess: City of Glomdoring
  • Vengeance Tournament: Tarken, Ayisdra, Ixion, Slunk, Eliron (as populace)

List of all winners are posted on the Anniversary Page.

The Unity Syndrome

When an unusual cage appeared upon Avechna’s Peak, strange occurrences began to plague the land wherever death came to visit. Strange pustules sprouted from corpses, which escalated to thoroughly horrifying proportions. Read more.

Ghosts and a Haunted House

Once again, Atropos, the Eldest of the Fates, has broken her shears! Whenever anyone died, a ghost appeared which needed to be collected and returned to the Portal of Fate–for those who collected enough ghosts, they were rewarded a tasty treat! Also, floating doorways appeared throughout the Basin of Life, which transported players to the Haunted House where many games were found to delight those who chose to participate in spooky revelries, including bobbing for apples, a historical play of fright, fortune readings and much more!


  • November 1-30: For the month of November, you can purchase Czigany coins directly on the Credit Page. Each coin gives a spin on the Wheel of Tzaraziko, which has been updated with a chance to win Fortune Cookies. Each fortune cookie contains an artifact that is only available through these magical treats!
  • November 5: Wild Nodes!
  • November 19: Wild Nodes!

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