July Hamasterhunt

A grey hamster sits in a wooden enclosure.

On July 23rd, 11pm GMT, get ready for a Hamsterhunt! There will be no sharing of hamsters, meaning they will vanish upon being picked up, and PK will be off. Killing and attacking are not permitted but you can hinder competitors in other ways (icewalls, etc.). Top competitors will receive: 1st Place – 200 credits2nd…

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Wargames Challenge – Klangratch Champions Royale

A battlefield with sword-wielding warriors

As per Public post #1935, the League is hosting wargames! First time hearing about the League? Check out Events #35. The event will take place on June 18th at 11pm GMT. The rules are as follows: the challenge will be hosted at Klangratch Tournies the format is wargames (2 teams) teams will be randomised (see…

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March History Quizzes

A collection of very old books sits on a shelf.

What better way to celebrate a month of learning than with a quiz? Better yet, two quizzes! The World Library will be hosting two History Challenges this month and we hope to see everyone there. The scope of the quizzes will be clear and finite, and prizes plentiful. The History Challenges will cover the Histories…

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Haunting Vengeance Results

A stormy sea with crimson-tinged waves

The Haunting brought many to the Haunted House and one eventful night the visitors gathered to compete in a vengeance game tournament. This time, however, they would not play in the setting of the Vernal Wars. They faced something much more recent – the times of the Curse of the Sunken Heart. The populace consisted…

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Anniversary Quiz Results

A picture of a pocketwatch on several old hardback books.

As the Festival of the Creatrix neared its end, Duck, the Confused Chicken announced a test of intelligence for the inhabitants of Lusternia. Taking a sharp turn from the previous quiz, this one focused more on the intricacies of “upright” history. An early lead was quickly established by a pack of four: Afrit, Eritheyl, Jolanthe,…

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Anniversary Battlechess Results

Colourful chess pieces stand on a flat surface

Mid-Dvarsh did the frustrated lamentations of Xuck, the Strategic Chicken reach the Basin at large. The sorrow of his fellow feathered friends eating the pieces of his game rather than placing them drove him to the extreme: requesting the favoured game of the Gods themselves be played by adventurers throughout the Basin. Not seeking to…

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Anniversary Treasure Hunt Results

Life is hard when you’re Buck, the Iniquitous Chicken. Everyone wants you to do something and you just want to sip on your pumpkin spice tea at the Triple Junction Inn. Thankfully there are many adventurers who are more than happy to spread joy in Buck’s stead. Gifting them with little toy harlequins from the…

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Anniversary Great Hunt Results

A pile of gold coins sits upon a table surrounded by trinkets.

The Festival Great Hunt has concluded. Everybody who participated received a number of credits, but the top ten scorers in each tier received bound credits ranging from 50 for the tenth to 500 for the first spot. Listed below are the scores for this hunt’s top scorers. TOP TEN DEMIGOD+ 1 – Ayisdra – 1330002…

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Anniversary Great Hunt Begins

Two warriors stand in battle against a huge monster.

The Great Hunt is on once again! Gather your supplies and set out to hunt and influence your way to victory! The Hunt will last until midnight GMT on October 22nd (at the weave). You will earn double experience during the Great Hunt and all your slaying and influencing will count towards the score. Check…

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Anniversary Slippers Results

A pair of red high heeled shoes sits upon the floor.

As Luck, the Luxurious chicken once more attempted to dissuade her fellow chickens in the Revolution from making use of her prize possesion, the Heel of the Creatrix, adventurers from around the Basin once more stepped forward in an effort to wrest the artefact from the grasp of the nefarious Henmother in a game of…

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Anniversary Chicken Hunt Results

An image of five hens in a run, by William Moreland.

Soon after the start of the Festival of the Creatrix, Cluck, the Revolutionary Chicken re-emerges to declare a repeat Revolution of the chickens upon Lusternia. Thousands upon thousands of chickens fluttered their way into the Basin of Life, cluttering the roadways, waterways, mountains, forests, and villages with their fluffy forms in an effort to set…

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