August 2018 Newsletter


A Drag Queen’s Perspective!

Lusternia Unleashed!

Is Lusternia run by a drag queen? Well, someone got into Estarra drag to answer a player’s question in a new Youtube series called Lusternia Unleashed! Find out all there is to know about the Immanidivinus and Threshold Abyss. If you have a question for the Divine Havens, send them to — who knows who will answer next!

Transmological Visions

While sinkers and threads plagued the Basin of Life, transmologists were plagued by a vision of the threads unearthing a mysterious chest. This discovery led to a secret even now closely guarded by the Illuminati. Read more.

Threads, Fall and Rise

After the peculiar rains of bouncing balls, tangles of threads began plaguing the Basin of Life, traced back to small cores embedded deep in the ground. These threads grew balloons which rose up into the sky, blotting out Father Sun and creating havoc with the weather.  Read more.

A Whale of a Tale

Suddenly, and against all probability, a void-whale manifested in the skies above Mount Avechna. Nearly slamming into its peak, the creature took flight across the Basin of Life, littering the ground with pieces of itself that had broken off during its reentry. Its wandering was not long, however. Attracted by the scent of a particularly potent pitcher plant, the void-whale crashed into the Lava Gardens in Gaudiguch. This remarkable creature eventually led to the return of an Elder God:  Ein, the Restless! Read more.

Glory to the Glowbats

Curiously, the strange growing sinkers found across the land appear to be affected by some mysterious ailment, causing them to first solidify and then explode into numerous glowbats! Six researchers have made it known that they have an interest in studying these glowbats, one for each city or commune. Players can participate in a new monthly quest and be awarded a free present! Read more.


  • August 1-31: For the month of August, you can purchase artifacts directly on the website, including special edition artifacts only available through the artifact cart! There is also an amazing 30% credit bonus sale–40% if you have an elite membership! Artifact Cart and credit packages are both available on the Credit Page!
  • August 12: Wild Nodes!
  • August 26: Wild Nodes!

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