Volunteers for Lusternia play a dual role of both roleplaying their Elder God and other NPC personas and also helping as builders, administrators, and sometimes coders for the game. All volunteers in Lusternia start off as trainees, what we call Ephemerals, and then move on to Divine roles as they progress in training and experience.

So you're thinking about applying to be an Ephemeral? Before you do, we wish to make sure you are aware of what is involved in becoming a volunteer.

On the one hand, it is a big step to take with significant sacrifices. In many ways, as an Ephemeral, one actually has less power than a mortal. From an out of character perspective, volunteers exist to serve Lusternia as a whole. Ephemerals in particular begin mainly with training and service and do not have an in-character role, and many who may be used to extensive hunting, combat, interpersonal interaction and roleplaying may initially find the experience quiet and at times lonely.

One does not "play" Lusternia as an Ephemeral, and personal contact with players is prohibited. One's job involves building, from small quests to areas, coding (if you are a coder volunteer), helping other admin with day to day tasks, sorting bugs, and most importantly, a vast volume of learning in order to fully be ready for the role of a full admin, which involves more of the same. 

On the other hand, it can be ultimately rewarding, as those who successfully pass through the training go on to take Divine roles and are able build and create and roleplay in a way that you couldn't before as a player, as your contributions come to serve Lusternia as a whole, which is something many volunteer applicants express as a reason they wish to volunteer.

While training can be long and involved, what we find is that those who handle and enjoy their tasks and their time as trainees tend to make it to their Divine roles and remain happier in the Havens staff and volunteer team. So training as an Ephemeral can help you come to realise that you either enjoy the work involved in being a volunteer, or that perhaps volunteering in Lusternia Havens is not for you. While becoming a volunteer can be a different and initially potentially lonely experience, many of us come to find camaraderie and connection in working with the Havens team.


To become an Ephemeral several things are needed:

- There will be an announced call. We will let you know when we are looking!

- Respond by giving your reasons in writing why you want to be an Ephemeral and other qualifying factors. Details on what is asked for and not asked for in an application will be given with the Ephemeral call announcement post.

- We will read the applications and consider them as a whole. Factors considered include how long you've been around, your characters' reputations, positions of leadership and responsibility, etc. We will also look for writing: As a volunteer for Lusternia one must be able to write! Spelling, punctuation, usage, grammar are all important to some degree.

- Out of a pool of applications we will call some candidates for an interview. There are ALWAYS more candidates than there are openings, so do not feel bad if you are not asked for a further interview. Interview questions may vary, but we will likely assess your understanding of what you are applying for, whether you are able to commit and remain consistent in your contribution, and our ability to trust you for the role.

- Finally, we will invite a few to become Ephemerals.

NOTE: Applicants who are not invited will not otherwise be notified. They are free to apply another time.


Your mortal character or characters become unavailable to you. You may not play a mortal character while you are an immortal of any kind.

For the many who, for one reason or another, do not continue beyond there to become an full volunteer admin, it is possible to regain access to mortal characters. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.

You will learn the ways of the Ephemerals, with new commands and activities as are appropriate for your now volunteer administrative role in Lusternia.

  We emphasize:
  - Ability to work in a team with other immortals.
  - Taking time to dissociate from mortal players, so that we can serve Lusternia as a whole.
  - Mastery of skills in building, events, administrative tasks and for some, coding, so as to contribute coherently to the Havens team.

There is a robust curriculum with specific tasks in core categories to master over time, and a number of volunteers to help train and guide, as one is promoted through the ranks of Ephemerals and onto full Adminhood.

Promotion from Ephemeral to Adminhood

To Be Promoted from Ephemeral:

  - Building: Work on building projects, from individual items to mobiles to quests, to familiarise yourself with our OLC (HELP OLC), prog scripting language, workflow, and conventions.

  - Administrative: Learn the various administrative roles and skills available to you as a volunteer. Learn and master the rich lore of Lusternia.

  - Event: Learn how to plan, build for, and run events of various kinds in Lusternia, how to take control of NPCs and interact with players, how to expand roleplay in various situations.

  - Coding: Some Ephemerals with more extensive coding experience and particular interest may be taken on as coder track volunteers. On this track, you learn the intricacies of Rapture, trace and fix bugs, and support the rest of the Havens team in adding or improving features in a major coding project. Keep in mind that all volunteers use the prog scripting language to create quests from simple to complex. Coding involves more the back end features of the game, and skill in such is not required to do most day to day tasks of a Lusternian volunteer admin.

  - Behaviour: Consistently demonstrate maturity, an ability to follow rules and conventions, an ability to work with others on a team in a kind, thoughtful way, and an ability to work with players professionally.

To Be Promoted from ArchEphemeral:

  - Finish training and tasks in the respective categories of Building, Administrative, Event, and if applicable, Coding.

  - Release and roleplay as your Ephemeral persona in an organisation of Lusternia to learn how to interact with mortals as a non-mortal being.

  - Aid senior admin in the running of said city or commune, including seeing to patron requests, player interactions, events, etc and acting in a professional way as expected of an administrator of Lusternia.

  - Run world games (such as hamster hunts) under the supervision of senior admin.

  - Complete and release one's major building or coding project.

  - Choose and flesh out one's Divine role and plan for release.

Estimated total timeframe, if motivated: 6-12 months.