The fabric of being and of all that is seen has evolved from a curious language indeed. With words writ from the quill of Sior, rivers flow, ingenious powers spark and planes wink from existence. What limits what may be written to fashion the world are but in the depths of the Divine mind, and herein lies the incongruous sagacity of Sior thrives and exists.

Aloof of mortal worries and concerns, Sior is often drawn into the works of his invention and the inspirations granted from Estarra at great lengths, for time plays no role in an Immortal's existence. The space about Sior is often mutated, convoluted by the quill ever on His person and rewritten with the faintest thought.

He is rarely seen by mortals as he dislikes being disturbed with idle chatter, though he respects those who find answers to problems on their own through invention and curiosity. It is believed that he works closely with Roark Libertas in understanding and maintaining the fabric of creation.