ROOM PROPERTIES - A listing of all the properties that rooms have

  Note: Not all properties apply to all types of rooms and some
        properties are only applicable after setting or clearing
        another property. If you see a property and do not know
        what it is, then don't try to change it.

-- Strings -- These are strings of letters and numbers of any length.
brief_desc        : The brief description of the room, ie Outside the Cave.
verbose_desc      : The verbose description of the room. This should not
                    contain any mention of actual mobiles/items that will
                    be in the room, and there is also no need to put the
                    "You see exits leading north, east, and southwest."

-- Data -- These can have values of about -2 billion to +2 billion
stockroom         : Stores the room number of a shop's stockroom.
shop              : Stores the room number of a stockroom's shop.
god               : Stores the persona number of the god that has marked this
brief_msg         : For rooms with messages stored in the message file, this
                    holds message number for the brief description.
verbose_msg       : For rooms with messages stored in the message file, this
                    holds the message number for the verbose description.
area              : Holds what area the room is in.

-- Variables -- These can have values of 0-65535

-- Bytes -- These can have values of 0-255.
environment       : Holds the room's environment type. See HELP ENVIRONMENTS.
plane             : Holds the plane that the room is on.
continent         : Holds the continent that the room is on.

-- Flags -- These can be set to 0 or 1. 0 means off, 1 means on.
has_rooftops      : 0=none, 1=rooftops
indoors           : 0=outdoors, 1=indoors.
magical_darkness  : Means the room is blanketed in magical darkness.
always_day        : It's always day in the room.
always_night      : It's always night in the room.
no_mortals        : Mortals get sent to OUTCAVE if they execute any commands.
iced_ground       : Ground is covered in slippery ice.
on_fire           : Room is on fire.
burnt             : Room is burnt out.
is_shop           : It is a shop.
is_stockroom      : It is a stockroom, run by a player.
stockroom_for_mob : Stockroom run by a mobile.
stockroom_for_objectStockroom run by a loyalty-capable object.
exit_<dir>_invis  : Set a direction to be invisible.
been_foraged      : Already been foraged.
safe_room         : No hostile actions may be performed.
fertile           : Grows things much faster than normal.
has_trees         : This means that even though it is not a forest or garden
                    location (both of which automatically have trees), the
                    location has trees. This does NOT mean that druids can
                    make groves there, just that people can get up into the
no_confined_wander: This very useful flag tells mobiles who have area_confined
                    set not to wander into this room. It is useful for making
                    sure that mobs don't wander into a part of the same area
                    that you don't want them wandering into (like mobs from
                    Azdun level 2 to Azdun level 1).
exclude_random_resetter: Does what it sounds like, prevents things with 
                    random_reset from ending up in the flagged room.