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Recent Events

December Vesteran Honours
February 03, 2016

For the December Vesteran Honours, Stratas won the bardic  contest with the play titled, "The Triumph of Glomdoring, A Play". In the artisanal category, Ciaran won with the study titled "Reaching

The Everlasting Haze
January 31, 2016

Dame Maeve was defeated, the Seals were weakened, and everyone retreated to their homes to recover from the battle. Little did the people of Glomdoring know that something else retreated with them

Ascension Event 2016
January 25, 2016

As events culminated in the Dreaming and later with the false Maeve, the Seals of Nature and Beauty became weakened, which in turn weakened the rest of the Nine Seals. As stated

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Alo has completed the Valedictorian achievement.
Level Gained
Majurad earned level 28.
Level Gained
Vorbur earned level 25.
Achievement Gained
Nomawa has completed the Some Personal Space achievement.
Achievement Gained
Nomawa has completed the Basic Communication achievement.