Reports Opening

Reports are now open!

Based on your feedback, we have implemented a number of changes to reports but let us go over the basics first.

If you are interested in writing a report, commenting or voting on one, or simply staying up to date on them, you should review HELP REPORTS and HELP WRITING REPORTS. The short of it is that we now begin a 15 day period of report writing. Reports can be submitted for consideration only during this period. After that, we will move to a pending stage of 10 days during which voting takes place. And then finally the admin will make a decision on whether to implement the report or not.

The only topics off-limits for this report cycle relate to conflict mechanics, please focus on combat skills and general QoL reports instead. If you already have a conflict report written, or something else on a similarly large and complex topic (like the economy), please do not submit it and instead send it over to me (e-mail preferably). If it is something viable to implement this round, I will put it up for consideration myself so you do not spend your limited report slots that way.

Now onto the changes. They will also be listed in a changelog (Changelog #2936) for brevity’s sake but there are a few points I would like to expand upon more than is changelog-friendly.

Comments will once more be visible at all stages, including Consideration. Comments will be anonymous as everyone will be assigned a pseudonym, and only the administration will be able to see the true identity of the commenter. We have previously hidden comments due to the less than polite discourse that reports were eliciting so please be on your best behaviour. Commenters, remember that the goal of comments is not to prove the validity of the report, or lack thereof, but to provide your opinion and experiences, or to provide alternative solutions. Arguing with every commenter is not necessary as we can see the code and we can run our own tests. We do not need every comment to be in support of a report to greenlight it, or to reject it. If code facts are needed, message me and I or a coder can provide them in a comment. Names of admin will not be hidden, and coders will be marked as Coder. If the situation in comments is getting heated, please ISSUE ME with the report number and we will look into it.

As comments will be visible this time around, report discussions will no longer be forbidden on Discord. Same rules apply: keep it civil. This is about collaboration and getting help for your reports though, not arguing the validity of a report to circumvent comment limits and the anonymity enforced in-game. Discussion should be confined to #klangratch_tourneys, which is now a channel that you can only access if you have verified your account with Lusternia (see HELP DISCORD).

Further, we’re going to be doing two things to help you write the best reports possible. Firstly, my test server is now available for your use. See HELP TEST SERVER for the details and read the rules and reminders carefully. Secondly, this coming Friday (March 22nd) we’ll be hosting a Code Question Day on Discord. I will make a separate thread when the time comes and will be answering whatever questions you may have that need looking up in code so you can make sure your reports are based on facts. If needed, we’ll do another such event next week as well.

Please message me if you have any additional questions or concerns. Similarly if you don’t or cannot use Discord, message me your code questions instead. You can also do so ahead of time if you are busy on Friday.