6.1     Invisibility     Read about invisibility and how to deal with it.
   6.2     Flying           Soar above the land.
   6.3     Trees            Climb into the treetops.
   6.4     Groups           How to form groups with other players.
   6.5     Allies           How to declare someone an official ally of yours.
   6.6     Enemies          How to brand someone an official enemy of yours.
   6.6.1   Diplomacy        Enemy options available to organization leaders.
   6.7     Elections        Starting and voting in elections and referendums.
   6.7.1   Resignation      How to resign an elected position.
   6.8     Shops            The commands to deal with shops.
   6.8.1   Selling          How to sell things, since shops don't buy!
   6.9     Reading          Reading things like books, scrolls, and journals.
   6.10    Writing          Writing on various things.
   6.10.1  Editor           The Lusternian editor system.
   6.11    Shopkeeping      Owning a shop and the commands to go with it.
   6.11.1  Shop Policies    Discounts, markups, and refusing service.
   6.11.2  Shop Bins        Dividing your wares and controlling who sees them.
   6.11.3  Shop Signs       Creating and using unique signs for your shops.
   6.11.4  Kegs & Cubes     Special containers with different pricing. 
   6.11.5  Shop Rifts       Rifts in shop for selling groupable items. 
   6.11.6  Shop Marketing   Manse shops can bid for marketing slots.
   6.12    Drinking         Hoist your flagon and throw back a draught of ale.
   6.13    Mentors          What they are, why you might need one.
   6.13.1  For Mentors      Mentoring younger players.
   6.14    Grace            Gaining and rejecting the grace of the Gods.
   6.15    Banking          Depositing and withdrawing gold from banks.
   6.16    Guides           Characters who exist to help newbies.
   6.17    Weather          Lusternia's weather system.
   6.18    Levels           Levels of experience.
   6.18.1  Titan/Demigod    Special titles and abilities at Levels 99 and 100.
   6.19    Permissions      Read about Lusternia's system of permissions.
   6.20    Bardic contests  Contests of art and literature.
   6.21    Commshops        NPC-run shops selling raw materials of the land.
   6.22    Logs             Organizational logs.
   6.23    Orghelp          Player-written help files for cities and guilds.
   6.24    Digging          Buried treasure ahoy, mate.
   6.25    Deeding          Making clans and manses the property of orgs.