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It is possible for some property, namely clans and manses (or aetherships), to be deeded to certain organisations: cities and communes, guilds, orders and families.

What does Deeding do?

Deeding makes a clan or manse the property of the organisation to which it is deeded. This gives certain leaders of that organisation the power to control the property, for example setting new leaders of clans or the ownership of manses. There are many ways in which this can be useful - when wishing to use an algontherine whistle to summon an org-owned aethership, or if a clan leader has gone dormant, to name but two.

Note, however, that families do not gain control of manses in the same way. They simply count towards the family's potential honour gain for commanding the largest manse. Additionally, only manses can be deeded to families.

Who can Deed and how?

Manse owners can deed their manses using the following command:
      MANSE DEED TO <org>

Clan leaders can deed their clan using the following command when in the Hall of Clans and Cartels:
      CLAN DEED TO <org>

Who can manage Deeds and how?

City and commune Stewards can manage their city or commune's deeds using the CITY/COMMUNE LEDGER command.

Guild Administrators can manage their guild's deeds using the GUILD LEDGER command.

Order members with the Represent privilege can, at their Patron's master shrine, use the commands listed in SHRINE PRIVS to manage their deeds.

Family leaders can manage their family's deeds using the FAMILY LEDGER command.

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