Caught in a temporal anomaly during the Taint Wars, Hallifax was lost in time and space for over five hundred years. When the lost city finally returned to the current timestream, all its citizens were dead except for one, Cririk Adom. Having declared its independence, Hallifax strives to be the epitome of the confluence of logic, beauty and harmony. The city itself is a marvel of aeromantic engineering and floats above the Basin of Life. The nexus of power is known as the Matrix, which spans to the Elemental Plane of Air and the Cosmic Plane of the Continuum.

Believing in a strict hierarchy, Hallifax has strict social castes. The lowest caste level is that of servant, followed by bureaucrats, then the merchant class, and then the highest caste which is reserved for artists and scientists. Though it is arguable that the ruling elite make up a higher caste, it is generally thought that they are servants to the collective. Though in the ancient days before the fall of the Holy Celestine Empire, Hallifax was run like a corporation, in recent times they have opted for a more traditional representative governmental system.