Endzone Releases This Weekend

Earlier this year, we announced our biggest project for 2020: Endzone. Endzone sets out to offer a level 100+ bashing challenge like nothing Lusternia has ever seen before. It will be unlike any other bashing experience, taking inspiration from the joy you have all experienced bringing groups to the Astral Plane, and to the Icewynd Plains.

And, after months of work by over a dozen people, we are incredibly proud to announce that it releases this coming weekend.

We have deliberately kept many of the details about Endzone quiet, because we want you to experience it without any spoilers. But we couldn’t resist giving you a little something, at least. So we hope that you will enjoy this incredible trailer that gives you just a few clues about what the story might entail.

Gather your party and armour up, adventurers – because it’s time to step into the unknown.

With thanks to Bensound.com for the incredible music used in the trailer.

Video Transcript:

Something different occurs this time. She is visited by two strange people. One is tall, dressed in black armour, his skin ebony and glowing with power, two iron tipped tusks jutting up from either side of his mouth. At his side is a clangoru, but the clangoru has gleaming gold skin and a bristling red beard falling down his chest like a river of burnished bronze.

“So this is the runt,” says the clangoru, hands on his hips. “Grimkeep kept her here so I could see her for myself. I think the old legends are true, Urlach!”

“The legend of the Cursed Child,” says Urlach. “And we’re the ones to have found her, Klangratch. She certainly is fast. I bet she could give Shanth a run.”

“Listen, lass,” says Klangratch to the girl, “You know what you are? You know you’re a Vernal God?”

“I’m not sure she understands us,” says Urlach. “She seems to be simple.”

“What in blazes were her people thinking!” growled Klangratch. “Raising a simple minded child as a Vernal God! What a colossal waste of power!”

Urlach doesn’t answer, but just wraps a band of dark power around the child’s waist. The child tries to run away but cannot escape the band that holds her. She doesn’t understand why the glowing pair hold her.

There is a battle in mountains around Grimkeep as the nightmare finally comes. The child is frantic to escape but the band holds her. She waits for the inevitable. For the nightmare to finally claim her.