May Challenges

Thanks to the enterprising spirit of Korue Dragnet and the desire of Master Quettle to show everyone a better way, we’ll see a Death and Harmony Challenge in May. Death Challenge21st May, 11pm GMTHarmony Challenge29th May, 3pm GMT The first is a hunting challenge and the second is an influence challenge. If you are unfamiliar…

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April 2022 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "The Spire of Manah" by Tonatiuh

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from April! If you’d like to join them for May, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Selia’s Sonnets of Supernal Praise Runner-Up Gurashi’s The Ballad…

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Auction Summary

An open treasure chest, treasures within

As Week 1 is about to be underway, we’d like to give you a rundown of all that will be auctioned throughout the month and to save you the trouble of going through the lists carefully, we’ll list an overview of the new options first. Keep in mind some of these are not new things,…

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May Auctions Galore

A golden gavel

For the month of May, we have a couple things for you to take advantage of and look forward to! We’ll be having a 30% credit bonus, meaning you’ll get an additional 30 credits for every 100 purchased! Double XP Tuesdays will help you get to your experience/essence goals. And lastly, we’ll be holding four…

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The Curious Case of Specimen XSPS79, Part II

Pale grey smoke against a black background

It would not be even a month later that an inconspicuous letter was left at the Emperor’s Lament Post Office. It revealed the location of the ship Magnagorans so sought and a warning: that a plethora of agents within the Gnafia did not care for interference, no matter from whom, and to take care to…

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The Curious Case of Specimen XSPS79, Part I

Laboratory flasks filled with white liquid

It is uncertain whether it was the sight or the smell that the man remarked upon first, for the mark of stress near his eyes and nose both competed with the sheer wonder the man beheld: a behemoth of a beast, flopped upon the street as though from nowhere, overnight. Such was the tale that…

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March 2022 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "Archpower" by Gurashi

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from March! If you’d like to join them for April, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Blaise’s In Defense of Attitudinal Hedonism: a Gaudiguch Dissection…

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Agriculture Commodity Shop

Bolts of cloth in a variety of colours

We’ve now introduced an agriculture commodity shop where players can buy and sell select commodities. You’ll find the price of these commodities will change based on two factors. The first is a long-term slow change based on commodity input and output. The base selling and buying price will slowly rise or lower depending on the…

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It’s the Journey That Matters

A variety of spices and grains offered at a stall

On a calm wintry night, Tilibe stopped by the Toronada Bridge to water her horses. She had a long way ahead of her still, travelling to Rockholm the peddle her wares, so a short break was well advised. She did not expect this to go so poorly, however. Something growled in the night, her horses…

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April Treasure Hunts

A treasure map and coins sit upon a wooden table

Do you know Lusternia’s every nook and cranny? Are you a truly accomplished Explorer? We’ll see! In April we’ll be hosting two treasure hunts. The first one will be easy, the second one hard. Comparatively at least! The goal of the first one is to provide a more gentle introduction to how treasure hunts work…

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April Fool’s: New Auction Options

An old open book accompanied by a compass and a candle

While MUDs are among the oldest game genres, they have undergone remarkable changes to bring them more in line with the latest innovations in multiplayer gaming. To name but a few that have been introduced in Lusternia: daily questing – so-called dailies – that reward a unique currency (HELP DAILYCREDITS) auction house – where you…

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April Present Extravaganza

A golden present tied with a golden ribbon.

For the month of April, we’re running a present extravaganza with a twist. For every 25 credits you purchase for the month of April, you’ll receive a present as well. Even better is that for the first 100 credits you purchase, you’ll get an additional present for every 10 credits! That means purchasing 100 credits…

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A Charged Convergence

Lightning splits purple, stormy skies.

On the 25th of Juliary, 614 years after the Coming of Estarra, members of Hallifax were called upon by Researcher An’ouri Oolin of the Diamond Research Project to learn of a new research development conducted within the laboratories. Researcher An’ouri Oolin briefly spoke to the members of the previous study of a specimen, delivered many…

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Inclusivity Project: Tribal References

An old open book accompanied by a compass and a candle

The event that took place in Serenwilde today (Event Post #491) is part of a broader project to address Native appropriation within Lusternia. This segment of the project deals with the concept of tribes and has been split into two parts: commune changes and global changes. The first is now out, the latter is to…

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The Bonding of Kith and Kin

Misty woods pierced by sunbeams

From the Journal of Alpheth Lunseer: I do not know what I expected, when I asked the Serenwilde to open the Henge to the others. Certainly, I knew that it would be overwhelming. After all, I have had only the trees for companionship these past decades. I did not even know how long it had…

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A Gift for the Blessed

In mid-Juliary of 613 CE, Elytho Serole made a breakthrough. Running from the Lodestar Athenaeum past the Pool of Stars, it was their hope to reach Light’s Glory, the guildhall of New Celest’s Magisterium of the Holy Father. Yet, they had not realised the great distance between the two parts of the city. Skirting past…

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Introducing: The Celestine Rework

A while ago, we made a proposal to take on one of the star map projects, being the Celestine Rework. Today, we finalize the release of the project and bring you the improved Celestine class. For information specifically on what changes have occurred, please see CHANGELOG 2620. We would like to extend our gratitude to…

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February 2022 Artbard Results

Artisanal submission "Serenwilde Scholar" by Lilalue depicting a faeling scholar, done in watercolours and with gel pens

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from February! If you’d like to join them for March, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. Bardic Contest Winner Lendren’s Comparative Aesthetics Runner-Up Ilisa’s Anything at All? Merit…

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Manifestations of the Dreaming

A tree with a corona made of clouds stands in a pristine white desert

While the full rundown of the latest changes can be found in Changelog #2613, we would like to give you a little extra insight into the decision to further amend some aspects of the Manifestations system. The biggest change sees Manifestations invincible throughout the empowerment process which we feel helps align this conflict event with…

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March History Quizzes

A collection of very old books sits on a shelf.

What better way to celebrate a month of learning than with a quiz? Better yet, two quizzes! The World Library will be hosting two History Challenges this month and we hope to see everyone there. The scope of the quizzes will be clear and finite, and prizes plentiful. The History Challenges will cover the Histories…

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