Endzones Released!

After months of incredibly hard work from our dedicated team, we are incredibly proud to announce the release of our first Endzone area: the Ruins of Grimkeep.

Uncovered by the independent guild known as the Horizon Walkers, the Ruined City of Grimkeep is a testament to ancient clangoru power – and the tragedy of the city’s fall. The Horizon Walkers have called for assistants to help conquer the remnants of the Soulless power within the city, and explore its depths.

This presents a challenge: who can slay the most enemies, last the longest, and die the least in a single run within the city ruins?

You can read all about how the area works in HELP ENDZONE, as well as finding out how to reach it through the Catacombs of the Dead. Note that these helpfiles are not exhaustive – there are other clues about how to survive to be learned from the Horizon Walkers and from experience within Grimkeep itself.

We look forward to watching your expeditions in the coming weeks, and wish you the best of luck in conquering this difficult challenge! As you work on your strategies, we will continue to monitor how you’re doing and tune things as necessary.