Entering Into the Wasteland

Perhaps it was fate that caused the month of Urlachmar to cause gates to the Catacombs of the Dead to briefly pulse, venting currents of bitingly cold, fetid air into the Basin of Life. Yet it was not fate which caused a glittering sheet of white to be expelled from one, for this small piece of paper which would be traced to Avechna’s Peak was indeed sent forth by a mysterious guild known as the Horizon Walkers. While many raced to find it and read the contents, a surprise would await them as the letter shortly began reading itself out towards the adventurers gathered: announcing the writer as Sahenlai Ahtan, the leader of the independent guild whose purpose is devoted to exploring the lands that lie beyond the Basin of Life.

Entreating explorers to find their headquarters within the Catacombs, it was in fact Uzriel d’Vanecu of Magnagora who would find a basin within the Catacombs that – upon closer inspection – would allow him access to the halls they sought. Whilst Yarik Delzak and Sahenlai Ahtan were discovered and talked to by the throngs of adventurers who flocked to investigate further, it was Ronai Coldhide, the Gatekeeper, who would draw the most attention. Whilst he attempted valiantly to explain the dangers that awaited beyond in the wastelands of Grimkeep, the ancient city of the clangoru, our valiant adventurers barged ahead with naught more than exploration and conquest in their minds. All would perish before what awaited them within the ruins, with Parhelion of Hallifax the first to fall to the massive hordes that responded.

Still, there was merit to these disastrous errors as adventurers quickly paid heed to the scrolls written by the Horizon Walkers and sought their expertise – Xenthos An’Ryshe even managing to find a trophy to take of his very own which the Horizon Walkers were quite eager to buy for further study. With the dangers and secrets of Grimkeep now open for exploration and discovery, the cryptic words of the Gatekeeper yet remain. These ruins are but one destination of many that the Horizon Walkers have been able to uncover. What further perils have yet to be uncovered?