New Producer

In October of last year, Lusternia went through the biggest change in its history by far with the departure of its creator, Estarra. The new can excite, but it can fill with trepidation, too. We needn’t have worried, however, as between Ianir’s and Orael’s leadership as Co-Producers, and Aonia’s amazing and detailed lore and story work as then Assistant Producer, Lusternia was reinvigorated. Not much later, Aonia took over from Ianir as a Producer – she has been working diligently to bring brilliant storylines and tantalising lore to the world of Lusternia ever since. And that is just the tip of the iceberg, her duties and achievements could fill an entire volume. She will be missed something awful but we will do her legacy proud. 

And with that in mind, I am deeply honoured to be able to announce to you that I have been chosen to fill Aonia’s role as Co-Producer, starting January 1. Much like Aonia, I will be in charge of Lusternia’s story and lore, as well as many behind the scenes duties that do not pertain to coding. I leave that to Orael and Ianir, while I will apply my creative talents to that which I do best.

I am not a newcomer to Lusternia. In fact, you all know me well as I presently play, and will continue to do so, the character of Drocilla. I joined Lusternia as a player back in 2007 and was quickly enraptured by its lore, people, and the boundless possibilities of its storytelling potential. I wanted to build and create in this world but also more, to improve it, expand it, and help it reach new heights – so I joined the Havens as a volunteer in 2011. I will soon be celebrating my ten year anniversary but I don’t feel done at all. Quite the opposite; the people and the world of Lusternia continue to fill me with awe and wonder.

My first goal as Producer will be to ensure that we continue to work to the high standards already set by Aonia and Orael. Nothing is changing in that regard and we aim to finish the work on projects which are already underway. I can’t wait to get started working with everyone on making Lusternia the best it can be, so here’s to the future of Lusternia and all the people, player and admin alike, who make this community so wonderfully amazing.