Fellowship of the Roots

Driven to get to the bottom of the dreams they have been receiving, the Fellowship of the Roots set out to recruit more widely from across the Basin of Life. Whether their dream’s source was benevolent, or not, they desired to comprehend it as they have been at the heart of too many coincidences of late. Twice their dreams urged them to assist someone who did not match their criteria, yet was at the heart of some conspiracy just as they arrived. And once, they received no dream at all when they ought to have, resulting in the massacre of the Grey Moors.

And so, preceded by a missive-bearing hawk, Nimuire Duskbloom set out to the City of Hallifax. There, she met with the Board of Directions in the Executive Boardroom, represented by Chair of the Board Tikki, and members Ayisdra Ysav’rai and Fillirriqili Skydrifter. Nimuire assumed it at first to be a local tradition to conduct standing meetings – to keep them brief and to the point. She would soon learn that was the case everywhere.

Next she visited New Celest and met King Faragan Ladyn in the Star Palace, where they too stood while discussing her findings. To her surprise, in Serenwilde she was invited to a curator’s office instead and was given a chair that time – though one made up of books. There she met with Regent Xiran, and Huskii Myeras, Lendren Starfall, Galaphyrae Talnara. But the trend held elsewhere, a standing meeting with the Shadow Court, represented by Dark Regent Tirah Mzithrei and Esei Shee-Slaugh. A standing meeting in Magnagora, meeting Warlord Uzriel d’Vanecu and Kalas Freja in the Warlord’s office. And finally a standing meeting in the Gaudiguch Council Chamber with a member of the Freedom Council – Paquietiel Dahyu.

Weary as she was, Nimuire plead the case of the Fellowship of the Roots and repeatedly asked for secrecy. While in some places she was met with mistrust, most either offered to send a few of their members to aid the Fellowship when it opened, or suggested leads the Fellowship should follow. And follow they did, as not long after, the Fellowship of the Roots opened their doors to new members from their outpost in the Grey Moors. Now, with their membership bolstered, they are able to carry out missions across the Basin of Life. For the betterment of nature, among other things, as they try to unravel the mystery of their dreams.