Of Moss and Machinations

From a torn page covered in flecks of moss, written by Pachidrui Etloo.

It all started with a seagull, a nuisance of a bird that I’d rather avoid in the future. Still, it alerted me and later others to the plight that plagued the Toronada Tidal Flats. It seems a new variation of moss had decided to make this environment its new home, but as it naturally filtered any water, it was desalinating the tidal pools and choking out the native life within.

Upon my visit and being beset upon by a particularly aggressive seagull, I found myself soon in the company of those willing to help me in my research. A diverse collection of individuals arrived in short order, and as we collectively examined the moss, they went about to survey the local population for their opinions. Between the words from the locals and the visible swathe of death that the moss had caused, there was a sense of urgency amongst us all.

Several plucky individuals collected samples to see where it would thrive or to keep for themselves, but the moss was equally delicate and relentless, perishing in a new environment swiftly while growing back with an alarming speed within the tidal pools themselves. In the meantime, my fellow researchers relayed their polling of locals, while others noted the state of the local wildlife. As we conversed about the future of the moss, several options were put forward: eliminate the moss, contain it, relocate it, or leave it as is.

Some Hallifaxians were enthusiastic about moving the research to Hallifax, but I countered that I had been studying this moss for some time and was, humbly, the ideal person to see through whatever decision we made. Through discussions and a rapid vote, it was decided that containing, and thus cultivation of the moss, was the ideal plan. And so, I returned to my shop and garden, with one final request that any moss be gathered and brought to me, so we could begin the lengthy clean-up.

I worked diligently, designing, and devising a safe method of containment and storage, while also attempting to give the moss a purpose, as I’ve found that the more useful something is, the more likely it will be cared for. An unfortunate truth, but a truth, nonetheless. In the interim, Kaois, Hyirah, Huskii, and many others continued with the de-mossing of the tide pools, delivering to me a healthy amount for study and cultivation.

Days ticked by, but before too long I had a shovel in hand and was digging and building. When I was very near completion, I informed those invested in the cause and was once again rudely interrupted by seagulls. Horrible creatures, really. I was joined by Mani, Huskii, Hyirah, and even some new faces like Qoivhae, amongst others. We surveyed the tidal pools and gathered up the last bits of moss. A marked improvement in the wildlife there was duly noted.

And then I led them all, quite successfully, to the new cultivation pools. I spoke at length of my design and the need to tend to the moss with a tool I had devised – a delicate slicker brush made to brush the salt from the moss. It seemed to be a success, with Qoivhae demonstrating the procedure effortlessly. This wrapped up my own tasks there, but there was yet more to do.

I was expected at a meeting being held closer to the shore in the Toronada Tidal Flats and found myself at a loss on how to navigate there. But with the help of my new colleagues, we countered my dreadful sense of direction and after a time I found Theone, soon joined by our leader, Nimuire Duskbloom, and our fierce protector, Thes Bonegrinder. And so the meeting of the Fellowship of the Roots commenced.

Nimuire was none too pleased for all the people I brought with me but acquiesced to their attendance. Thankfully. Keeping Fellowship business a secret has been hard! We spent some time catching up on our projects, with Theone, once more, bemoaning his previous study assignment and Nimuire, once again, apologising. He really can’t let it go. Could have something to do with being chased around by some icy spawn. Could also be he enjoys complaining. Hard to tell.

Nimuire ended up introducing us more broadly and explaining that the Fellowship of the Roots aims to protect wonders of nature, especially those that might otherwise perish because they are deemed too odd or scary. She then spent some time arguing with people about what qualifies as worth protecting and in which scenarios. What one deems monstrous could be beneficial, or even necessary, far as I’m concerned. Just look at this lovely moss!

Anyway, turned out Nimuire did not have new projects lined up for us just yet but she had been dreaming of drowning for a while, and of a creature calling for her help. Rather vague, so we would normally wait until she knew for certain but as prophecy was on everyone’s lips lately, everyone ended up sharing what they had heard in their various nations and speculating upon the future. Many of the prophecies shared involved words related to water, so we surmised there might be something to what Nimuire had been dreaming about. Serenwilde even sought advice from the Great Spirit of Lakes, Rivers and Falls, and later Glomdoring sought the wisdom of Greatmother Scorpion alongside Nimuire and Thes.

It all sounded very vague and inconclusive to me in any case. For the moment, very happy the moss is doing well and what more does one need?