A New Acolyte of the Light is Chosen

It was in the early hours of a cool autumn morning just after school had started that the playful laughter of children echoed through the quiet streets of New Celest. The laughter was first heard by Tridemon Regalis, who chased the children around the entirety of the city, from the Dragon’s Grave, through the Memorial Water Gardens, past Jethri’s Glassblowing Workshop, and through the city park until finally, he managed to catch up with two adolescent trill, Hirin and Talsi, at the Pool of Stars, followed soon afterwards by Sister Yuleshka of the Chapel of Two Saints.

After catching her breath, Sister Yuleshka gathered the two trill in close and asked them to explain the origins of the Pool of Stars and the Holy Saints. The King of New Celest, Faragan Ladyn soon arrived as the young ones tried their best to answer their tutor’s questions but stumbled and thus inspired the Sister to offer a friendly little competition between the two trill. Meeting up in the Lodestar Athenaeum, Sister Yuleshka was assisted by Professor Yimone Shervalian of the Lodestar Athenaeum who offered the little ones a chance to learn of Saint Tresalyne of the Stars.

After being informed of the terms of the game, the two trill split up, Hirin teaming up with King Faragan, and Talsi with Tridemon, the two teams departed on their search for journal pages from the local citizens of New Celest. Talsi and Tridemon took an early lead, but Hirin and the King soon caught up until they were neck and neck. With a final push, it was Talsi and Tridemon who managed to bring enough pages to Professor Shervalian first and were awarded a glass globe that could be used to capture memories of starlight within the Athenaeum.

Combining their efforts, the now single group ventured through the Lodestar Athenaeum in their quest for the memories to fill the globe with starlight. After searching the many levels of the great library, the final memory was within the globe. They brought the glass globe now radiating with dazzling starlight to the top of the Athenaeum where a statue of the Starlit Saint stood. As the globe was placed in the hands of the statue, ribbons of ivory light swirled around the Starlit Saint as the Star of New Celest blazed like a beacon of pure light. Soon afterwards, glistening figures drifted through the air and one, in particular, stepped forward. It was the visage of Saint Tresalyne, the Starlit Saint, who told his story to those gathered.

As Saint Tresalyne faded from view, the group was once again joined by Sister Yuleshka and Professor Shervalian who offered their congratulations to the group. Sister Yuleshka stepped forward and informed the pair of young trill that she had a gift for the winner of the game. She would offer Talsi the chance to become an Acolyte of hers within the Chapel of Two Saints, which Talsi eagerly accepted. And so it was within the Baptistery of the Sacred Light that Talsi pledged her oath to the Light and was baptised by Lady Jarana Farain before the citizens of New Celest and her best friend Hirin, as an Acolyte of the Chapel of Two Saints.