Bored and Looking for Board

One fine Dioni day, Pyrlios, the resident vagabond of the Toronada Tidal Flats declared that conditions were perfect for wave surfing! There was only one problem though. Pyrlios had no surfboard to ride the waves with! No less than nine brave adventurers quickly came to his aid, and in his joy, Pyrlios invited them to a table filled with delicious summer drinks. From Hallifax there were Ame and Tikki, from Gaudiguch Nefertem. Tirah Mzithrei and Esei Shee-Slaugh represented Glomdoring, Daxi Strongleaf came from New Celest and from Serenwilde, Huskii Myeras, Lendren Starfall, and Qistrel Strongleaf.

Pyrlios quickly explained his predicament, and yet his unwillingness to try a gnomish surfboard. No, Pyrlios wanted to make a surfboard from scratch, to be his and according to the ways of the craft. Especially excited about this proclamation was Daxi Strongleaf, who from then on made sure to record every step of the process.

First, the dracnari requested raw lumber for the board. The assembled discussed which tree would be best and soon dispersed into the forests of the Basin. The southern forest was the first to supply, followed by other varieties from the northern forest, and Pyrlios quickly managed to find the perfect lumber. Whittling the board, he then sent for a chunk of coral, which Ame retrieved from the depths of the sea with incredible speed. The coral was used for smoothing the board, and in the meantime, a fire was requested. Campfires were lit, but Pyrlios was only satisfied when his own bonfire was lit, and soon encouraged the company of drinkers to blow on the flames. Enticed by the fumes, the flames danced as the vagabond held the board above them, drying and burning off imperfections.

Two more steps were left. A shark’s corpse was soon procured thanks to Nefertem’s quick hunting skills. While Pyrlios used the sharkskin to smooth the board to perfection, Ame even brought in the huge, black-skinned hammerhead shark of Bondaro Bay.

The final step remained, and Pyrlios hoped the assembled adventurers could help him with it. He required three acorns, for he needed their oil. It was Qistrel Strongleaf who retrieved all three with speed, and the vagabond could now oil the board to protect it from the salt and water.

With a final cheer and an invitation to stay and enjoy the drinks and fire, Pyrlios proudly set off to the shoreline, and soon the adventurers could see him riding the waves with a smile so big it could surely have been seen from the other side of the Basin.