Healing of the Majesty of Dawn

It was late Dioni of the year 667 CE, when a radiant burst of dawn-hued light suddenly streaked across the midnight skies of the Basin. Travelling within it was Lord Valtreth, the Majesty of the Dawn, and His movements were erratic and following strange patterns as He visibly struggled with something. He was soon followed by the familiar starry blue mists of Lord Darvellan who attempted to catch up to the Dawning Lord. Suddenly Valtreth dropped from the skies, trailing golden motes of light and, in an explosion of golden brilliance, slammed into the heart of the City of New Celest, no longer conscious and His effulgence fading rapidly. The Navigator descended into the City after Him, fretfully distressed for the well-being of His cousin, and pulled at the star-like motes surrounding Him to create a swirling vortex of stars to the Plane of Celestia. He transported Valtreth there, laying Him upon the healing mound still hidden deep within Celestia and surrounded Him with a protective veil of starlight.

As worried mortals slowly slipped through the vortex to where the two Divine had travelled, Yinuish and Yuli Re’Leo, Tridemon Regalis, Cheliyi Lunarose, and Inagin La’Saet of New Celest gathered around the marble slab where the Lord of the Morning lay, worried looks upon their faces as they were soon joined by the Chairman Tikki of Hallifax and Tigro Ysav’rai of Glomdoring. As the group frantically discussed the condition of the Elder God, He thrashed unconsciously against the veil of starlight that surrounded Him. When Lord Darvellan sought any information from the present mortals of any strange happenings of late, Tridemon mentioned the motes of light that had been raining down from the heavens over the past few months. Over the course of the conversation, the skies lit up once more with golden motes of light that rained down, falling throughout the Basin of Life.

Outpourings of support continued to come from all corners of the Basin while Tridemon went in search of any sign of the motes. He soon found a radiant mote of golden light and swiftly returned to the healing mound of Celestia and handed it to the Lord Navigator. Recognising it as the Divine essence of Lord Valtreth, Darvellan quickly handed it to Cheliyi to place within the healing mound as Tridemon left in search of more. Cheliyi promptly placed the mote into the healing mound and was soon struck by a strange vision, which she deduced as a memory of Lord Valtreth’s.

As others continued to bring in golden motes and place them within the healing mound, Lord Valtreth began to show signs of recovery. And so they carried on, placing them within the healing mound until the final mote was placed by Yinuish Re’Leo and the very air began to tremble. The starlit veil surrounding Lord Valtreth shimmered in a web of light as tendrils of brilliant light funnelled into Him, an immaculate golden glow filling the area around the healing mound. The light began to fade, the Lord Valtreth now standing strong and proud before those gathered, His form restored. He thanked His Cousin, Lord Darvellan, and the mortals who assisted in His recovery.

What long-lasting damage this has caused, if any, remains to be seen, and the question of what Nohaji, the Face-Thief was able to retain of what He stole from the Majesty of the Dawn may never be answered.