Pachidrui’s Hunt For New Flora

A torn page from the journal of one: Pachidrui Etloo

One last undertaking, it was to be. The final journey, as I had received word that there was a place in need of an herbalist, and I had grown tired of my home, of the plants and flora that grew there. I had taken to reading as many books as I could, to stave off the sameness and boredom that came with stagnating in one place too long. And so, I decided, and I packed a little of this, and a little of that, and I set off.

My first stop was the forest commune of the Serenwilde, where I was met with the biggest trees I’ve ever seen, and dense vegetation. My stomach rumbled at the mere thought of consuming what I could reach, and I found out very quickly that I had erred in my etiquette. The biggest, brightest tree of them all, I was too scared to just “have a nibble” from. Yet, I attempted to stay on track, and soon found help from an assortment of residents. I was hunting a mutation of the bluebell flower, and after I wrangled my absentmindedness enough to properly engage in introductions, met Huskii, Etra, Galaphyrae and Hyirah. I found some of them were also trees, and they grew flowers for me to aid my search. Though, eventually, Etra found the flower, and I was able to capture the specimen in my gullet.

From there I journeyed to the city of Gaudiguch, where I found it much too hot and dry to do very much, and my hunger got the best of me as I attempted to gobble up a pile of ash before the most beautiful flame I have ever laid my eyes upon. There, I was hunting a rare sprig of weed, infected with a nigh-deadly fungi that would have been detrimental to the city and floral population as a whole, though I didn’t wish to alarm the friendly folk there by telling them this could kill an entire crop of weed sprigs. Those who helped in that hunt were named Ixchilgal, Nepenthe, Afrit, Eiselle and Khnemu, with the rather large fellow Afrit locating the specimen first.

My journey led me into the city of New Celest, several days later. There, I hoped to find an evolution of the standard pitcher plant, one that had evolved to prey on waterfowl. Curiously, it had adapted a camouflage to match the colours of a seagull, and we found it floating lazily in the harbour. Or a fine fellow called Romaan did, after I attempted to slurp down some water from their Pool of Stars, only to be stopped by the keeper and another member of the city; Faragan.

On to the city of Magnagora, where I had read several books on the topic of mycology and had heard tales of further evolution of their Queen’s Shadow, a strain carefully cultivated for research. A motley crew of folks helped; Kailanna, Uzriel, Freja, and Shango, with Freja having been the one to track down said specimen. This one I may continue to cultivate, to see if I can lend my efforts to the research so carefully done there. Also, I found that they did not appreciate my attempt to prod at their Megalith or liken it to a giant mushroom stalk.

Hallifax was an interesting place, where there were abundant crystals but less abundant flora, and their Matrix was decidedly not for consumption. There, I hunted for a crystalline encased edelweiss flower, with Ayisdra, Rylek and Sabik helping in the hunt, and Sabik ultimately triumphant in this task. Their dedication to research is frightening, and I found myself grilled for answers I did not yet have. Perhaps a visit with more material preparation would have been better.

Then, the final flora needed – a curiously carnivorous form of moss, to be found within the confines of the Glomdoring. Once more, I was assailed with an abundance of flora, though some tried to bite back, and with force. Yet another sacred tree I mistook for a hearty meal, yet the residents were friendly and aided in my search for this moss. With Xenthos, Tirah, and Wrynn in tow, and the latter member ultimately finding it, my search came to an end.

From there, I found where I should settle, and with promises behind me, I announced the pilgrim camp as my new home. Many came to see me, some new faces, like a quiet individual named Esei, and a Magnagoran I believe was called Sapphira, plus some recent acquaintances, like Huskii, Xenthos, Freja, and Uzriel. Together, we went in search of my final specimens. From swamps to valleys to a wonderful place called Faethorn, and a few places that rather hurt, like the elemental planes of Earth and Water, and a terrifying place only called Astral, my collection became complete, and I could finally settle and peddle, as I had so often said. I think my new home is quite delightful, and I have begun further experimentation with native flora, so we shall see what new creations come from this environment.