Of huskies, and abominations

In the deep darkness of an Avechary night, a blast of icy wind blew south across the Basin of Life, carrying upon it the howling of dogs and the sounds of battle. The baying of the hounds was enough to catch the attention of many and the search began, with adventurers heading off in all directions before Waykeeper Qistrel Stongleaf found her way to the camp of Sarora Bowtail, the Winter Gale and her three sled dogs. They were soon joined by others, including Cheliyi Lunarose, Huskii Myeras, Tirah Mzithrei, and Romaan D’Varden, the latter of whom immediately suggested feeding the clearly exhasted sled team.

Initially taken aback by the sudden appearnce of so many, Sarora explained that there had been an unfortunate incident with her sled and they had been forced off the southern Icewynd trails while running errands for the Solstice Court. The massive corpses of a pair of frost abominations lying at the entrance to her makeshift camp were clearly the source of the wind-borne sounds of strife.

Many offered to assist righting the sled, and offered the team various packages of foodstuffs, before the smells and sounds attracted yet more of the vicious beasts, their minds set on violence as they attacked the camp. The abominations were swift and vicious, and it was not long before a mishap sent the team running and Sarora leaping to their defence as Qistrel’s mount indiscriminately breathed lightning itself all around during the battle. This was swiftly resolved, and the abominations roundly defeated.

As order was restored, the weather took a turn for the worse as it often can in the inhospitable climes of the Icewynd Mountains. This turned Sarora’s attention repairing her sled and clothing, and finding supplies to help keep them all fed. As Qistrel turned her power toward stablising the weather, and Huskii toward keeping the camp warm for those gathered, Sarora bid others procure wood to repair the runner on her sled, as well as, meat and skins for the road. All of those were swiftly gathered and returned by Tirah Mzithrei.

With the sled made good, her clothing repaired, and the dog team fed, Sarora proffered thanks while her team enjoyed the attentions due all very good dogs. Not long after that, she got underway and back on with her rounds across the cold and dangerous vastness of the Icewynd.