The Realm of the Majesty of the Dawn

A great sadness befell the City of New Celest during the eve of Dioni, in the year 674, when a mote of cerulean light streaked across the skies above the sleepy city, descending towards the Pool of Stars. It was Meleris, the Keeper of the Pool of Stars that first noticed the mote of light as it bobbed sadly around the deck surrounding the Pool. Annoyed by the intrusion and determined to keep the Pool from being defiled by this despondent orb, Meleris tried to shoo it away. His attempts to drive it away were in vain until Jexathi Re’Leo arrived to assist him. 

The gloomy mote eventually managed to lure Jexathi to the hidden grotto at the end of the Estengare River where the entrance to Lord Valtreth’s realm once resided. The mote hovered there, above the carving of the seven suns, which was still corrupted from the foul magic employed by Summer Heat. Upon closer inspection of the carving, Jexathi deduced that the broken globes where the seven suns once were might be replaced with new ones, and the only place she knew that made globes was the resident glassblower of New Celest. 

Comforting the mote of light and vowing to return, Jexathi set out to see if her thoughts would bear any fruit. After speaking with Jethri about her plight, he mentioned that the regular globes he creates may not be strong enough to hold sunlight, but he may be able to craft a more refined globe that might do the trick. Gathering the items that Jethri required, Jexathi watched as Jethri did what he does best, turning the ingredients into a refined glass globe. As Father Sun once again rose above the horizon, Jexathi lifted the globe and gazed into it, receiving a vision of where the sunlight was brightest.

As the day progressed, Jexathi, with the assistance of Illirialial Stormcrow, managed to gather two globes filled with sunlight. However, when they attempted to place the third globe within the carving, disaster struck as it shattered, halting their quest to cleanse the carving of its corruption. Upon informing Jethri of the mishap, he was taken aback to learn what had happened and pledged to make necessary adjustments to his glazier’s forge, aiming to craft a sturdier globe but cautioned that it would require some time to achieve.

Several months later, Jethri announced that his modifications were complete and that he could now produce a sturdier globe. The Prioress of the Magisterium, Yinuish Re’Leo, graciously offered her assistance in crafting another globe. Peering into the freshly crafted globe, Yinuish discerned a clue revealing the brightest spot where the sun shone upon the soaring mountains, where stone angels took flight. Determined, she embarked on a journey that lasted part of the day until she finally reached the cliffs near the Orphanage of St. Gathlyn. With anticipation, she placed the fourth globe within the carving, only to be met with dismay as it shattered once more. Once again, Yinuish relayed the disappointing news to Jethri, who, equally surprised and resolved to return to his adjustments of the glazier’s forge in hopes of finding a solution.

As days turned into months, a heavy blanket of sorrow settled over the City of New Celest, its once vibrant streets now shrouded in despair. Finally in Roarkian, beneath the shimmering canopy of stars, Jethri, the Glassblower met with Helstren, the Harbourmaster, as a ship was coming into the docks with a special delivery. Swiftly, citizens including the King of New Celest, Aramantos Re’Leo, Yinuish, Tridemon, Faragan, and Cheliyi congregated at the harbor. Descending from the infamous vessel known as Empress’ Last Breath, Mebyra, the Second Mate and interim Captain, delivered grim news – they had encountered disaster in the waters, resulting in the loss of a portion of their cargo. Turning to the King for aid, Helstren concluded that the lost item was the very one Jethri urgently required. With determination, the citizens set out to scour the Inner Sea in search of the missing cargo.

As the search continued in the depths of the Inner Sea, an unsettling sense of unease gripped many of those venturing into the murky waters, a feeling of being watched, stalked by unseen eyes. Suddenly, the tranquillity was shattered as the King himself fell victim to an unexpected attack. A bulbous Great Worm, a creature typically confined to the depths of the Namiraa Trench, had somehow managed to break free and now hungered for prey. Realizing the imminent danger, Aramantos urgently called for aid. Without hesitation, the citizens of New Celest rallied to defend their monarch and vanquish the monstrous threat. As the battle raged on, with each strike bringing them closer to victory, the Great Worm met its demise in a gory explosion, releasing a shimmering item that plummeted to the icy depths below. 

Amidst the chaos, Yinuish was the first to discern a glimmer amidst the sands. With determined resolve, everyone joined in the search, delving into the silt and sand until finally, their efforts bore fruit. Clutched in Jexathi’s grasp lay their prize – a thick glass lens concealed beneath the ocean’s embrace. With their mission accomplished, they eagerly returned to Jethri, who had patiently awaited their delivery. With the lens securely attached to his glazier’s forge and the necessary adjustments made, Jethri skillfully crafted a globe of refined topaz glass, a testament to their perseverance and unity in the face of adversity.

The timing could not have been more auspicious, as dawn bathed the shimmering city of New Celest, signaling that all was in perfect harmony. Guided by the clues leading to the source of the brightest sunlight, the group embarked on their quest, while others gathered light essence to cleanse the corruption within the carving of seven suns. With the final globe placed within the carving, an eruption of sunlight pierced the heavens, its radiant warmth dispelling the veils of clouds shrouding part of the Razine Mountains and unveiling a hidden path. Adventurers from far and wide raced towards the mountains, their hearts brimming with anticipation. To their delight, a dawn-hued radiance awaited them, revealing a pathway leading into Faelth ey Chaeyr, the reformed realm of the Majesty of the Dawn. With eager strides, they ventured forth, eager to explore the wonders that lay beyond the clouds.