Crow’s Return and a Mysterious Trade

On the 13th of Urlachmar, the loud cries and cawing of the Glomdoring Forest’s gathered crows echoed across the land, portending something imminent. Shooting across the Basin at great speed, Brother Crow returned to the Forest from his place at Lady Viravain’s side. The mysterious Elder Goddess had departed the Forest some time ago, and Brother Crow had travelled with Her. His return at this particular time, Brennan Stormcrow explained, was to strike a deal with the mysterious Seeress Morizwala. Tasking those gathered with delivering his message to the elusive Seeress, Crow took his place at the Master Ravenwood once more, leaving the whereabouts of Lady Viravain a continuing mystery.

The combined residents of Glomdoring were successful in contacting the Seeress and delivering the message. Acting with a mysterious mirth, she explained that the Great Spirit proposed a trade whose terms were hers to decide. The negotiations were short, and the Commune agreed to satisfy her demands. With great haste, Glomdoring travelled over the length of the Basin to get the materials necessary to meet the Seeress’ curious bargain. Numerous harpies were seen flying over the Forest, delivering unknown goods back and forth. Eventually, the strange trade was completed. Whatever the Glomdoring gave in return, ruins of old Gloriana were unveiled, upkept by the harpies in secret since the days of the Fall of the Holy Celestine Empire. As a part of the deal, Glomdoring was to inhabit this new centre and make it the heart of their cultural pursuits. Meanwhile, Morizwala departed into the shadows once more with the object she sought, whispering to it in perplexing crowtongue.