January 2018 Newsletter


Year in Review; Ascension 2018

Year in Review 2017

Each year, the Producer of Lusternia looks back on the prior year, reviewing past events, including the Saga of Ghani which spanned almost the entire year, new areas and quests, and the retirement of a Lusternia founder. Also, a major project is announced going  forward into the new year, read more.

Ascension 2018

When the High Prophet Ghani n’Rotri was corrupted during the Taint Wars just before the Fall of the Holy Celestine Empire, he was captured and held in a dimensional prison by the Illuminati of Gaudiguch. For centuries, he was maintained there by the immortal guardians of the prison, but then finally escaped. Using his powers of prophesy, he manipulated events twisted fate for his dark purposes. Events culminated in the return of the Dread Lord of Contagion and eventual weakening of the Nine Seals that hold the Soulless Gods. As stated in the histories under Coming of Estarra, when the Nine Seals are weakened, there is only one way that they can be recharged: through the ascension of a mortal! The schedule of these events has been announced, read more.

Advent of the Solstice Court

As the season of Solstice drew near, the bright lights of the holiday manifested as the Solstice Court, which arrived to celebrate the holiday festivities. From ice skating upon a frozen lake to frolicking with penguins, many enjoyed the wintry landscape that melted away when the holidays ended. Read more.

Situation Report: Mirage Prison

The discovery of a dimensional pocket revealed that it was a prison developed by the ancient Illuminati. This turned out to be a key clue to the chaotic events that began earlier in the year. Read more.

Part 1: The Cards that Tumbled Down

The discovery of a blackened parchment and certain dark prophesies whose tendrils slithered back to the time of the Taint Wars triggered events that would eventually lead to the weakening of the Nine Seals.  Read more.

Part 2: Renounce Ascent or Face Demise

When portals began to appear throughout the Basin of Life, the Nine seals began to weaken. These portals released cosmic horrors, and the mysterious machinations behind them began a plot that would sow untold destruction throughout creation.When the Nine Seals holding the Soulless Gods weakened in Lusternia this weekend, the events that led up to it could be traced to the discovery of a blackened parchment and certain dark prophesies whose tendrils slithered back to the time of the Taint Wars.  Read more.

Part 3: Watchers Wake to Fight the Fears

The Dread Lord of Contagion was resurrected and the Basin of Life entered into a pitched battle as the mysterious portals continued to unleash untold horrors. Read more.

Part 4: Apocalypse Has Come to Call

With the Nine Seals cracking, the dark prophesies themselves twisted reality into a new shape. The Dark Emperor’s powers rose and the Basin of Life was on the brink of catastrophe. Read more.

Part 5: The Final Revelation – Son of Steel and Gold

With the Nine Seals cracked in Lusternia, and an Ascension called by the Creatrix herself, the final pieces of the puzzle fell together to reveal the puppetmaster who could weave together dark prophesies into tapestries of destruction for his own twisted ambitions. Once renowned as the High Prophet, his history dates back to the Taint Wars, and his recent escape from a dimensional prison unleashed the true powers of manipulating fate. Read more.


  • January 1-31: For the month of January, you can receive presents based on the number of credits purchased directly on the Credit Page. See SHOWREWARDS for the tiers when you will receive presents. Also, you can make New Years resolutions this month with the RESOLUTION command!
  • January 14: Wild Nodes!
  • January 20: Ascension Event: Trial of Chaos at 1:00 p.m. PST
  • January 27: Ascension Event: Trial of Harmony at 4:00 p.m. PST
  • January 28: Wild Nodes!

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